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HBK Trell’s Gifted Records’ latest signee, Vanjie from Columbia, drops a rapid-fire freestyle, marking a significant milestone as an up-and-coming femcee!


There’s a new talent in the rap scene, and she goes by the name of Vanjie, a sensational, phenomenally gifted, and explosive wordsmith who is blurring the lines between rapper and artist. She just signed under HBK Trell’s Gifted Records and is set to astonish the rap world with her exceptional rapping and singing talents. And from what I’ve seen so far, hip-hop music fanatics are up for a treat from this entertainer and progressive artist who displays such a hunger to assert her lyrical prowess, flanked by her razor-sharp wit and a magnetic stage presence.

And in case you are wondering, she’s got that charisma and star glow as well. You can just tell she was born for this, and I honestly cannot wait to hear about her new materials that will be dropping sooner rather than later.

Vanjie has generated considerable buzz with a short clip posted on HBK Trell’s social media platforms of her showcasing her freestyling knack, and boy does she eat this up, leaving no crumbs!

Vanjie showcases a female emcee who is ready to soar with her rapid-fire freestyle, playful yet nimble bars, masterful and freakish wordplay, and scene-stealing flows.

You can tell she’s got that fire in her and is not afraid of shooting straight with both cheeky and wise perspectives.

The hip-hop scene has been put on high alert for an incoming volcanic talent that will flip the music industry on its head, and with the backing of HBK Trell’s Gifted Records, the stage is set for Vanjie to do what she does best.

Keep it here and follow HBK Trell on all social media platforms for more updates regarding Vanjie and her new music that will be dropping like crazy this festive season.

Spread the word about Vanjie, because her talent is something to be savored by all!


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