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Turkish Composer and Drummer Veli Mert Delivers an Epic Performance in the Orchestral Sounding Piece, “Lonely Woman”

For one Turkish Jazz composer and drummer, it feels as though Veli Mert’s achievements as an artist rest on solid personal achievement; a true composer at heart, Veli Mert admits to being as efficient as a solo performer as he is in a band.  Mert seems to possess an admirable inborn proficiency to adroitly present music in multiple styles, all the while maintaining his consistent brand as a jazz composer and drummer, one of the factors that make him the artist to watch out for!

His imposing discography already boasts of unanimously acclaimed pieces; “George’s Dilemma” and “Arabia” and he has now added to that catalog the awe-inspiring piece, “Lonely Woman.”

“Lonely Woman” is more of a cinematic melody that takes you through a plethora of emotions and you are in for a ride; it is 8 minutes long! An original composition written by Ornette Coleman, Veli Mert skillfully gives it that Middle Eastern aura that makes just the perfect melody to get lost in!

The marriage between the arpeggiated piano, the double bass and the drums drives the melodies forward, exuding a piece that communicates to its listener even without the words being present; such is the beauty and magic of music!

Veli Mert really allows “Lonely Woman” to use its creative foundations as a springboard to reach new and exciting musical grounds- throughout; a listener is kept guessing and engaged with the fresh and innovative ideas that embellish this masterpiece!

“Lonely Woman” honors its melancholic theme with that thick wave of sad-fueled melodicism being emanated from the rhythmic drive of the instruments present making it a gloriously cinematic-sounding composition that is grand in scope and expressive in its execution- just staggering what Mert can do on his best days (most of the days are his best!)

“Lonely Woman” is out and awaiting your approval and I’d hate to keep you from what could turn out to be a potential therapeutic melody; follow the attached link and let “Lonely Woman” fuel your body, mind and soul- you deserve it!

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