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Versatile New York duo Versa Clean and TCE Dexxx are making waves with “Opp Pack” off of their joint project, “Top Shotta.”

Up-and-coming New York-born and bred hip-hop and rap artist Versa Clean is aiming to become a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, aspiring to introduce himself to a broader audience with back-to-back hits as he seeks to make a lasting impact. His hip-hop and rap sound, inspired by the New York-influenced drill sound, explores personal relationships, real life, the life of the party, mental health and drugs, competition, and just about anything that the real world affords.

TCE Dexxx is another swiftly emerging New York-based emcee with hopes of making his own mark on the music industry. Having grown up together in the streets of New York, they decided to merge their musical styles, and that is how the joint drill-inspired album, “Top Shotta,” that features 19 tracks, was birthed!

“Opp Pack” is a single off of this album and a head-banging one at that. Armed with a repertoire of hard-hitting rhymes, punchline-heavy bars, masterful flows, and provocative wordplay, both Versa and Dexxx inject this masterpiece with their heavy presence and ensure a listener remembers their name after that no holds barred lyrical performance.

And the beat is exhilarating; the intense and powerful bassline, atmospheric synths, wrecking drums, and other percussive instruments are guaranteed to have you in a state of music-inspired euphoria!

As gritty as the New York City streets they hail from, the duo unleashes a warning and a report from the street on why they are the real deal right now, and as such, their opponents should just find something else to do because they don’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath as these ingenious lyricists who are carving out a niche lane for themselves in the ever-expanding and growing hip-hop music scene.

To enjoy this aggressive and hypnotic banger, follow the attached link and add this masterpiece to your impressive catalog.

For more insight into both Versa Clean and TCE Dexxx’s music journeys, follow them on Instagram:

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