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Musical duo, Augustwolf, delivers a beautiful exploration of emotion and sound in their new album, “Visual Music”

Augustwolf is an international musical outfit made up of multi-instrumentalists, composers, and producers Douglas Wolf Reid from the United States and Oleh Andrievsky from Ukraine. Dedicated to the purity of music composition and transforming emotions and reality into melodies with near-universal appeal. Meeting online, they sparked a unique musical chemistry, thus birthing Augustwolf.

Their new album, ‘Visual Music,’ showcases not only their technical prowess as producers and instrumentalists but also their resilience and fortitude, as they persevered through challenges brought about by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

This 11-track collection brims with authenticity; it’s the kind of music that moves you beyond words. And while the title may provide a glimpse of what inspired the tracks and the emotions that drive them, these tracks are open for interpretation. The way you perceive each track is most likely to be different from the way another person perceives it, and that is really the beauty of music like this!

“Pursuit” is the opening track, and a cinematic one at that. Exuding a never-ending thrill with its vibrancy and epic instrumental scores, that buoyant concoction is guaranteed to whisk you away into a world of your choosing…a world of infinite possibilities and abundant dreams.

A tune like “Jimmy Jam” gets off to such an outstandingly hit drum kick that sets the tone for the track before adopting its beautifully haunting melody that takes a listener close to paradise. This is such an instrumental masterclass that highlights Augustwolf’s adroitness and their love for the craft.

The album features a special masterpiece, ‘Ukraine Peace and War,’ an ode to the people of Ukraine affected by Putin’s ongoing incursion, which has devastated the country and separated families. Featuring a sentimental intro from that mellow guitar intro, the track finds its footing from there and builds on the pent-up frustrations to take a listener through these emotions.

The end also adopts a similar dulcet tone, perhaps affirming the need for a peaceful, lasting resolution to be found as soon as possible. This track also has an accompanying music video that is now available on YouTube. Make sure you check it out.

“Visual Music” is a 10/10 project that deserves critical acclaim, and you can give it exactly that by following the attached link and starting this inspiring journey through sound and emotion!

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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