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Virginia-Based Multitalented Artist Wes Dean Has a New Radio-Friendly Anthem, “Do You Really Love Me,” Out on All Platforms.

Step into the mesmerizing world of Wes Dean, a Virginia-born virtuoso who has seamlessly transitioned from a hidden gem to a dazzling musical force. With a rich tapestry of musical expertise woven from his early days playing piano, mastering the French Horn, Flugelhorn, and herald trumpet, to serenading church congregations with his angelic soprano, Wes Dean’s journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. By day, he dons the suit of a skilled lawyer, but as twilight descends, Wes Dean metamorphoses into a passionate musical maestro, leaving listeners spellbound.

With the echoes of his debut song, “Movin’ On,” still resonating in our ears, Dean has skillfully navigated the melodic cosmos, garnering over a million streams across various platforms since November 2021.

A shining example of his commitment and zeal for the music he makes is yet again displayed in his latest single, “Do You Really Love Me” which displays his innate competency both as a songwriter and performer.

A proper rock anthem with an understated country feel this tune is a true definition of the term timeless masterpiece. Delivering the deeply relatable tale with such poignancy and heartfelt conviction, Dean lures a listener in and rewards them with a memorable listening experience.

The arena-sized electric guitars, the earth-shaking drums, the striking percussive bravado, and the adrenaline-rushing raw vocals have all been wrapped attractively as a gift that is such a joy to receive.

Wes Dean puts his heart and soul into that performance and is not shy about being vulnerable; it’s the thing that gives this performance its deep resonance quality.

Wes Dean’s vocal versatility is also very natural, and the tight, incredibly smooth drums create an engaging groove, anchored by the heavy, surfy, melodic riffs that create a dynamic flow that runs through the song structure from start to finish.

As someone who has a thing for timeless standards, Dean places emphasis on great sound selection and provides the quality you can trust to stand the test of time.

“Do You Really Love Me” feels perfectly positioned to catapult Wes Dean into the arms of an eagerly awaiting public, whose fondness for him will only grow.

To stream this authentic recording, follow the attached link and relish the near-flawless execution!

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