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Eclectic indie rock band Winchester 7 & the Runners take us on a grand tour of their latest EP, “Heart of the Golden Mystics.”

Have you ever listened to music so great it helps revive your soul? If not, then this might be your lucky break…meet Winchester 7 & the Runners is an indie rock band made up of three members who are dedicated to preserving the purity of all forms of rock, particularly alternative rock, as they come through with a unique concoction of ukulele-inspired rock music flanked by powerful vocal presentations, bass, and drum harmonies that reach into the deep core of your heart.

They pride themselves on their versatility, and it is so surreal that what started just casually has grown into a brotherhood—each is a seasoned, diversely talented artist, and together they engineer something eclectic, diverse, and genre-defiant. In their own innovative ways, these gentlemen are stretching the boundaries of genre, not allowing themselves to be limited by the type of music they create.

It is challenging to pinpoint precisely what will captivate someone so much about their style of music because it has so many endearing qualities. And one thing about them: they do not forget their roots and have made it a habit to preserve the fabrics of rock; you can expect melodies brimming with arena-sized guitar riffs, blood-rushing bass harmonies, goosebumps-raising drums, and ear-worming vocals to last you a lifetime.

Winchester 7 & the Runners are currently generating buzz with their epic album, “Heart of the Golden Mystics,” which has been unanimously acclaimed everywhere…many refer to it as a slice of alternative rock heaven. And true to their spot-on honesty, this collection here is nothing short of a masterpiece.

The way they present their performances—the coordination, the care and attention to detail, the songwriting panache, and the unbridled passion—is quite a rare treat. Talent like this is rare and far between, which is why you deserve to experience such musical excellence, even if just for those precious 30 minutes. Bathe in it for as long as you can!

It is little surprise that “The Saint Simon Killer Returns” is leading charts with tremendous stream numbers—this is the very definition of a radio staple. This is the kind of track that is less heard and more experienced, like religion! You have got to love the way every element in this track works closely with one another to create a song that achieves what it sets out to do.

The haunting lead and backing vocal harmonies in “Her Double Life” will not escape your attention, as will its danceable rhythms. Not forgetting that this is a sing-along, the way it has been delivered naturally ingratiates itself with any listener!

“Married for the Money” features irresistible riffs that engage in a breathtaking call and response with vocal performances. That seamless blend between the instrumentation and vocals is something to behold!

“The Sum of Our Mistakes” is a powerful rock anthem with a howling presence. The raw intensity of the guitar riffs and the pounding drums are my favorite bits from this performance.

“Miss Merry’s Memoriam” is illusive and enchanting; the tasty riffs, ear-worming hooks, and emotion-drenched vocals give this tune an ethereal and cathartic feel that you don’t want to let go of.

There is also a bonus track; a cover of New Order’s “Bizarre Love Triangle,” to round off this collection. This is one of those covers that respectfully honors the original while using its creative foundation as a springboard to achieve new creative foundations!

In its entirety, “Heart of the Golden Mystics” is magical, near-mystical, and visceral; you deserve this kind of music if you want to boost your chances of survival in this world…here is the cheat code for a longer life (you can, of course, thank me later!)

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