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It’s Time to Ride Their Wave: The Band Yesterdays Fate Release Their New Single, “Something in the Water” 

Going by the unique name of, Yesterdays Fate, this band’s name isn’t the only distinctive perspective about them; they have been on an admirable rampage of bringing back great music again as they blend the stylistic influences present in pop and rock while guiding the listener to follow them along the journey through life, love, and heartbreak.

They are primarily influenced by British bands from the 1960s and 1990s, but they manage to keep their sound new while incorporating their influences into reality to create a healing dose for the ears and eyes. Yesterdays Fate put on an absolute masterpiece of a show even in their live performances pulling the audience into a momentous emotional stupor where everything appears in a state of heightened hypnosis!

On their new single, “Something in the water”, the 6-man band, Yesterdays Fate give us a 3 minute 46 seconds reminder of what we’ve been missing on, a sweet taste of some 60s pop-rock music, what they like to call, “Modern vintage.” Grooving intensely at the start is Graham White with the skillfully integrated piano sound and Jim Kraneveldt with the magical strings of the guitar blending with majestic order; following each other and integrating with precision.

The rocky-percussion and pop melodious pluses, reinforced by Damian Pipes’ sparkling and dynamic vocals, move right through and imbed themselves in listeners’ ears. The solidity of the melody and the hearty singing delivery allows listeners to revel in the majesty of the euphony’s waves! The song is about trying to achieve the Hollywood dream in the California sunshine. And achieve, they will.

Overall, this pop-rock track has that stretching quality that draws and elongates time with the tremendously infectious chorus and pre-chorus, rhythmic flows, and rich colorful wave.

“Something in the water” is just one piece of the jigsaw and now that your interest has been piqued, how about you make your way through the attached link and find out what you have been missing out on? This is a whole new level of deep and impactful pop-rock reimagined!

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