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Multifaceted San Diego emcee and singer, YSKPABLO, stakes his claim with the standout banger, “Lonely.”

YSKPABLO is the artist bringing forth a fresh wave of melody and a pensive pen game to the music table with his lyrical wit, charisma, and unbridled stage presence. Bouncing off his unwavering and unwavering passion for music and craft that has remained strong throughout his career, this San Diego, CA, artist is definitely the one. He doesn’t really associate with a particular genre but instead taps into any and all music styles, choosing to express his feelings and thoughts onstage and off, like it’s his personal playground.

As a crossover artist, whatever YSKPABLO performs, he focuses on creating an ambiance of authentic engagement and empowering entertainment as he raps and sings, not really as a job but more of a calling.

With “Lonely”, YSKPABLO introduces a dynamic and captivating music style and top-notch visuals, exemplifying the unmistakable West Coast hip hop sound. With swift and effortless abandon, his expressive vocals oscillate and pirouette through the bass-heavy soundscape with irresistible allure.

Packing such a powerful punch, this delivery here is thought-provoking, immersive, and transporting as YSKPABLO whisks a listener away into his world of creation with vivid lyrics, demonstrating his artistic abilities as a lucid storyteller.

“Lonely” feels like therapy for hip-hop and alternative, smoked-out R&B music and is an excellent comeback track following a temporary hiatus.

With this track, YSKPABLO is announcing that he is back and deserves to be in the conversation of highly-rated emerging superstars in hip-hop, R&B, pop, and rock. The music video is top-notch and the perfect supplement to this dynamic and captivating banger. It is little wonder it has amassed over 122K views on YouTube in a short span of time.

This track marks an impeccable comeback for this artist as he continues to reclaim his place in the industry with more material expected, including an album that is in the works.

For now, delve into this top-tier performance and high-quality visuals by following the provided link, subscribing to YSKPABLO’s channel, liking the video, and sharing the banger with friends.

To keep up with YSKPABLO follow him on his Instagram page

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