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Yung3LVX Gets You Hooked With a Flavorsome Pop/Hip-Hop Melody Dubbed “Lost Dreams” – The Debut Single off of His Upcoming Album “Infinity Star”

Yung3LVX Lost Dreams

Yung3LVX has been in the game for 9 years now and represents Bristol City in Pennsylvania as an independent artist. Apart from being a music artist, he is also an actor, director, videographer, songwriter and sound engineer. He brings the new vibe to the game by embellishing his colorful pop releases with the succulent grooves of hip-hop and R&B to design an exclusively luxurious and extensive sound that is felt across the chest of pop/hip-hop fanatics. He has been doing music since the age of 13 and his eclectic discography as of today boasts of 2 EPs and numerous deservedly acclaimed chart singles. When it comes to the modern age production, he is the real deal and his upcoming album “Infinity Star” is going to cement his legacy further with the endlessly ascertained and groundbreaking sounds that he is putting together!

To give you a trailer of just what to expect is the debut single off of this album titled “Lost dreams” – a catchy and wavy anthemic pop tune that is styled with the glamorous touch of the futuristic vibe of the hip-hop sound to astonishing effects and made a darling to the listener’s ears with the stunningly unique and silky vocal ability of the one and only Yung3LVX!


Right from the intro where the guitar tunes give a grand opening that feels like the red carpet, the strings being pulled to melodiously detailed precision and pulling the heartstrings in equal magnitude! The melody is then met with the sleek and smooth-riding and flawless vocals of Yung3LVX that slink through the instrumentation like some Lamborghini Aventador on a flat smooth surface! There is something special about his seamless flow delivery and stylish performance that seems to fit in on any type of beat and he balances majestically his singing with his flow performances.

The production for this particular track was on point and the crispy mixing and mastering of all the diverse elements to design an agreeable sound is simply the epitome of passionate dedication. The great and memorable hooks and the build-up to the chorus sections is a high-point to this track and come out uniquely throughout its length.

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