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California-based rapper and musician Zachary Campos’ newest EP, “Profound Knowledge,” is a huge testament to his commitment to authenticity.

Based in San Jose, California, Zachary Campos is as versatile as they come, with a tried, tested, and approved eclectic style that blends 80’s post-punk nostalgia with the poetic finesse of rap. He takes inspiration from everyday life and sings about relatable things that give his music that instant appeal. His single “Scorching” and his album “Funky MC” introduced to the music world a gifted artist who is very serious when it comes to authenticity and emotional depth. He is now building something that is guaranteed to stand the test of time, seeking to leave a lasting legacy and set the precedent for upcoming indie musicians looking to leave their mark on this transient space.

Zachary Campos returns with a 5-song EP titled “Profound Knowledge,” the result of positive introspection. This is a project born of Zachary’s own artistic integrity with music that found him in his most creative state of mind. Spanning just 6 minutes and 23 seconds, this project is the very definition of short and sweet.

The tracks are perfect for those late-night introspective walks, seamlessly morphing into one another while the album maintains its authentic shape. What will not be lost on a listener is the impeccable guitar skills showcased in each track, with the driving riffs setting that punk tone as Zachary’s unmistakable voice breathes life.

“Flow,” the opener, features striking riffs that give it a distinct punk vibe. It sets such a cinematic tone and blissfully intertwines with the precise drums, laying a steady foundation for Zachary’s distinct and raspy vocals as he elevates the song to new heights with his sing-song technique. This blend of instruments creates such a hauntingly beautiful and consistently rhythmic sound that will stay with its listener long after the final notes fade away.

“Spirituality” is another bona fide track that offers a transcendental listening experience, with warm, lush, and inviting drums in the intro before the driving riffs join the mix, providing a captivating backdrop for Zachary’s velvety vocals as he sings like he is rapping and raps like he is singing!

“Waves” is another masterpiece that sweeps you away on a sonic journey like a tempestuous ocean. With its pulsating riffs and haunting melodies, the song captures the ebb and flow of an ocean-like atmosphere, echoing the relentless crashing of waves against the shore. On the mic, Zachary heightens the feeling with his bold vocal delivery over the captivating instrumentation.

“Soul” is heartwarming and touches a listener deep in their feelings. With an infectious beat concocted by the skillfully struck guitar and brilliantly executed drums, this jam resonates with a raw intensity, echoing the depth of human spirits and putting a listener in another dimension.

The last tune, “Calm” is soul-soothing. Zachary opts for a toned down feeling but is still expressive. The performance feels emotional, and the lyrics unfold with such poetic resonance. Very atmospheric, this song is a stunning end to what is a magnificent body of work that deserves critical acclaim from any music enthusiast.

This brilliant body of work was produced by Josh Zuckermann and Tim J Abbott with that eye-catching and striking artwork done by Santiago Diaz.

An amazing project that defies mere music appeal, “Profound Knowledge” is indeed a masterpiece that is worthy of fanfare.

Follow the attached link to stream this EP in its entirety, and let us know the songs you find most attractive. For more information regarding Zachary Campos and his creative endeavors, check out his official website,


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