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Multifaceted artist and rapper Zachary Campos returns with a highly anticipated release titled “Trial.”

When words fail, music speaks with a profound and universal language that transcends all barriers! For Zachary Campos, a rapper, singer, and songwriter from San Jose, California, music has always been a source of endless expression, more direct and efficient than any words he could articulate. His style is as eclectic as it gets, weaving together the rebellious spirit of classic punk rock with the poetic spirit of old-school hip-hop to serve something that transcends mere conventions of genre and style.

Zachary Campos returns with an enchanting performance with his latest single, “Trial” that was inspired by the novel of the same title by author Franz Kafka. The story follows a bank officer named Josef K. who is wrongfully arrested on his 30th birthday and his journey of defending himself against a charge he can’t obtain any information about.

With a fast-tempo, soft rock drums, an overdriven guitar, and a striking bassline, Zachary Campos tells the story in sing-song technique, floating over this lively concoction with squeaky, clean double-tracked vocals.

“Trial” is a slight departure from his distinctive style and a huge testament to his versatility as he ventures into this indie rock direction, perfectly fitting in like a glove. This performance is refined, mixing the nostalgia of rock with the contemporaneity of rap.

“Trial” is also meaningful and serves as an ode to resilience and that unwavering determination to do what is right no matter what. It’s a masterpiece that honors brave people who stood in courage and bravery in the history of humanity; people like Martin Luther King Jr. whose indelible contributions will forever be etched in the memories of people.

Available on popular streaming platforms, “Trial” appeals to both rock and hip-hop enthusiasts alike.

Check out the track and let me know how you feel about it. For more information, visit Zachary Campos’ official website,


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