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Grammy-winning artist Zachary James’ latest album, “Song of Myself” is a masterclass in pure, uncut classical vocal music!

The anticipation is palpable as Grammy-winning classical vocalist, Zachary James, unveils his latest masterpiece, “Song of Myself”. This 12-track album artfully melds the legendary musings of poet Walt Whitman with Zachary’s distinctive style, resulting in a transcendent musical journey. Seamlessly flowing from one track to the next, the album stands as a cohesive and breathtaking testament to both classic poetry and modern artistry.

Classical music is one of the hardest genres of music to nail down, and the fact that Zachary packs such a powerful punch, succeeding gloriously and hitting all the right notes, is a huge testament to his awe-inspiring musicianship, talent, and experience that’s unparalleled. This is the mark of an artist shooting for the stars and transcending the music itself.

Engaging listeners in gripping stories and weaving a tapestry of emotions, experiences, and thoughts through each track that features his distinct bass-baritone flair and thematic essence that resonates with listeners on various levels, Zachary strikes gold with this imaginative, bold, and timeless piece of music.

With this project, he collaborated with cellist Wick Simmons, percussionist Ariel Campos, and guitarist Fredrick Poholek to create something that is undeniably liberating and one that stands the test of time. Whitman would undoubtedly be proud of this record.

The track “I Celebrate Myself” sees everyone contributing in one way or another towards the success of the song. There is a marvelous sense of classical flamboyance and musical elegance. This is a passionately and creatively realized piece of music that is full of spirit and an abundance of heart. Zachary stuns with his impassioned bass-baritone in ways that breathe life into the song and give it genuine tonality!

The masterpiece “I Have Heard What The Talkers Were Talking” featuring percussionist Ariel Campos, features such a powerful vocal performance with his incredible baritone and range. Not only do the vocals possess the character to captivate the listener, but the sheer level of control on display is superb. Zachary truly embodies the classical attitude, and his vocal range is incredibly diverse. The striking power behind those higher notes alone is a joy to listen to.

“Trippers and Askers” has a welcome feeling of both unexpectedness and excitement, and whilst classical technicalities can sometimes be tricky to pull off effectively and successfully, they are handled very well here, helping to further ensure that this is a listening experience that contains intrigue throughout.

“I Believe In you my Soul” is another bona fide standout that sees Zachary pack an appropriate punch with his excellent vocal performance. He displays such poetic finesse to be able to talk-sing without a hitch, a huge testament to his limitless creativity and versatility that have enabled him to get this far in his career.

“Has any one Supposed it Lucky to Be Born” is a compelling narrative backed by Zachary’s immensely expressive vocals, as he showcases such a high level of skill and expertise to come up with an emotionally drenched performance that invokes intense feelings from within the listener. Each verse is like a brushstroke, painting an intricate portrait of change and transformation.

Music fans have much to enjoy to enjoy from this full-length project that successfully serves all its aims: to honor a legend that once graced the musical world as well as create something that makes listeners feel less alone as they resonate with each and every track’s distinct thematic essence.

Zachary is a musician par excellence, and this latest project is guaranteed to elevate him further up the global ladder as he continues producing music that defies borders and breaks traditional molds!

To satisfy your musical craving with this incredible body of work, follow the link below and immerse yourself fully into this cosmic harmony!

To keep up with real-time updates from Zachary and discover more about his creative endeavors, check out his website,

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