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Multitalented and multifaceted artist, producer, performer, and composer Antonio Eyez delivers some “Voodou” magic.

Antonio Eyez is a prolific producer, performer, and arranger with a burning desire and fierce motivation to create music that is timeless, haunting, and eclectic. With a style uniquely his and an unmatched swagger, the diverse sound of Antonio Eyez is a mashup of multiple genres, including funk, R&B, soul, alternative rock, and pop, with a signature psychedelic foundation. That’s what makes the music of Antonio Eyez hauntingly beautiful and expressive. Antonio Eyez wants listeners to feel the magic that inspired the creation of a track, pass it on to them so that operating in the same headspace is achieved. It is a transcendental experience that makes you feel like there is a oneness with this music.

Returns with ear candy that is enchanting, haunting, and groovy. I’ve been listening to this jam on repeat, and it feels so spiritual, holistic, and cathartic! There is also that traditional influence to it that makes it nostalgic and quite simply unforgettable.

The traditional-like chants set the tone, and once the rhythm and melody start gaining shape, you can make out that blissful cocktail of the drums and bass and the guitar, creating this refreshing funk vibe as the vocal effects create an anthemic appeal, enveloping the listener like a warm embrace.

“Voodou” transcends mere melodies; it’s the magic in it that really arrests a listener. The song is over 5 minutes long, and it doesn’t feel like it. That is a sign that this jam is golden.

With that alluring psych funk vibe and equally haunting vocals and sound effects, “Voodou” is more than enough words can express. This is the kind of music you feel more and listen to less of.

If you are looking for something uniquely captivating and with instant appeal, I highly recommend this special tour de force from an artist in a peak creative state.

Already streaming on popular platforms, getting your hands on “Voodou” should count as the most genius idea you’ve executed today!


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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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