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This is the Official Music Video for “G.Y.S.T.” By B. HUGHES Featuring DURAG B


Brandon White who goes by the stage name of B. Hughes is a songwriter and poet hailing from Atlanta. He has been in the game since he was 15 years old going by the name DJ Staxx. Since then his musical proficiency and authenticity have evolved as he comes with deeper, poetic, and soulful melodies as he continues to surprise listeners with his adeptness behind the mic! His own moniker B. Hughes is inspired by the late African-American poet and activist, Langston Hughes. Growing up he was heavily influenced by musical luminaries such as JAY Z, Kanye West and Andre 3000 and he has used that inspiration to design timeless medleys as he is able to transform trials, triumphs and mysteries of life into melodies with near-universal appeal! He has barely scratched the surface and is about to take you on a wild rollercoaster that is embellished with thrill and wisdom- fasten up your safety belts ladies and gentlemen!

The track “G.Y.S.T.” is exactly what you need in this era of a fast-evolving world where we are all being put under pressure to make it in life in whichever ways possible. Featuring R&B wizard Durag B was the best thing to add that sonic depth that serves to project the song’s meaning in between the emotionally delivered poetic lyricism by B. Hughes.

The track starts in style with B. Hughes commanding the stage with his potent lyricism that blends and splits the intriguing lines of poetry with a bright allure of the rhyme scheme for delight as he offers a piece of his soul diligently like he was born for this! His rap wizardry is met by the gate by what forms the chorus as Durag B delivers a passionate catchy section with his cleverly auto-tuned and rich vocals that invite a listener to sing along “Wait for it

Pray for it

It’s yours go for it

You know what they don’t keep doing what they don’t”

The dazzling instrumentation is bass-driven and the beats feel like they will never die and will echo till eternity. The music video takes a listener on a bevy of beautiful locations as B. Hughes and crew groove passionately to the music as they let the deep message and emotional delivery take control of them wholeheartedly. This is a generational tune and the poetic proficiency on play is unrivaled. Follow the attached link, subscribe to B. Hughes YouTube channel, watch this video and share it with authentic music lovers as you add him as a favorite artist going forward!

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