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Multi-Genre Singer and Songwriter Barcenilla Has a New Spellbinding Flavored Tune Titled, “Forget You”

Barcenilla Forget You

Gabriel “Barcenilla” is a multi-diverse singer-songwriter, rapper and dancer residing in Phoenix, Arizona with roots in Manila, Philippines. His dynamic personality allows him to break through with invention and style, fitting in perfectly to any type of genre; he is easy on the eyes on that laid-back R&B vibe as he is on the livelier and dazzling Latin beats. He borrows from his own and others’ experiences in love, heartbreak, trials, and life events to engineer music with universal appeal. His voice also holds such undeniable immaculate power and is a strong element of his musicality that you will notice once you interact with his charming tunes!

The tune, “Forget You” has been on heavy rotation everywhere ever since it was released on the 19th of August 2022. It is little wonder why because this is one entrancing and captivating body of work. This is the type of track you can listen to all night long without getting bored- the lyrics are deeply relatable and echo a situation most of us have found themselves in severally and the way his polished and clean vocals hold so much emotion is otherworldly!

This is a sad and contrastingly beautiful ballad. The laid-back acoustic melody provides a flamboyant bed of support for his warm, raw and crisp vocals to flourish and the way he delivers this from his heart and soul is what ingratiates itself to the already opened soul of a listener!

His way of delivery is indescribably affecting and the complementary visual treat the more absorbing. This cinematographic visual complement tells a very melancholic tale with the water scene very symbolic; sometimes it’s better to walk away from a consuming relationship for in staying, you might end up drowning and never recovering.

This song has to be your favorite, and the video has already gotten a lot of attention in the few days since it was published for it has all the qualities of a radio staple- easily fits on any radio and billboard charts by the way!

Follow the attached link; subscribe to Barcenilla’s YouTube channel, like the video and share your thoughts under the comment section!

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