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Birmingham-based indie artist Louis Swagú has just delivered the most relatable project of the year with his new album “My Name is Nobody”

With this new project, Louis Swagú brings an undeniable level of authenticity to a timeless musical project of escapism, captivating a listener in a deeply emotional way; “My Name is Nobody” isn’t just an ordinary album, not only for Louis but also for the listener, as they will soon realize. The creation of this album proved mentally demanding for Louis, yet he couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. In essence, this project, crafted through considerable effort and emotional investment, deeply resonates due to its relatable exploration of themes such as loneliness, depression, OCD, grief, pain, anger, and the journey towards acceptance and potential healing.

The intro, “Wither Away” sets the tone from which the entire album gently cascades; through its definitive cocktail of blues rock melody with shades of shoegaze, Swagú captures the hearts and imaginations of a listener with the poetic and sentimental lyrics.

From this point, the album delves into narratives of loneliness and grief, intertwined with a profound self-deprecation, encapsulating themes of self-loathing and self-disgust. The protagonist seems to embody an individual who appears to have abandoned all hope – in self, others, and life in general.

To say that the track “Broken Mirrors” hits close to home would be an understatement. There are so many instances where we look ourselves in the mirror and don’t like the image we see, we don’t like who we’ve become. When you look in the mirror, the reflection shows a fragmented self-image, echoing back sentiments of insignificance.

Well, the track’s lyrics have such deep resonance because we have more often than not been caught up in this kind of situation. More than anything, this performance makes you feel less alone as the amazingly constructed lyrics gently cascade over the thoughtfully laid-out rock instrumentation.

By the time you get to the track “Transformation Obsession”, there is quite an unmistakable degree of penance earned and maybe a reality check that perhaps you are not a nobody after all!

“My Name is Nobody” is complemented by a visual film that aligns harmoniously with the aesthetic of the album. It is akin to a short film that seamlessly intertwines with the lyrics and melodies, captivating your attention from beginning to end.

To experience this sublime and altruistic body of work, please follow the attached link, subscribe to Louis Swagú’s YouTube channel, listen to the album in its entirety, and let it change your own perception about who you are and ultimately how you view life…if not just enjoy the music!

To keep up with Louis Swagú, check him out on Instagram.

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