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Powerseat Music Group hip-hop artist Hotboi Ty is once again the talk of the town following his recently launched studio album dubbed “From the Heart.”

Hotboi Ty’s rap music is born from a path that has seen him stare down demons that so many of us would be consumed by; he is a fighter who has survived all manner of atrocities that have befallen him. He was shot seven times in an altercation at a local Alabama night club right when his rap career was burgeoning, and it was around that same time that he had already gained the attention of a rapidly thriving independent music label, Powerseat Music Group, that offered to sign him, and that is how the two of them got together.

To one Hotboi Ty who grew up listening to Lil Wayne, Young Thug, and Gucci Mane, there are so many levels to rap music and how it can ultimately connect with its audience. What makes his music unique is that it comes straight from his heart and soul. When he gets inside that booth, he lets his soul out and allows his vulnerable side to thrive.

This is the kind of music that deeply relates to its listener on a personal level…if even if you don’t necessarily relate to certain situations as delivered by him, Hotboi Ty’s music is the kind that will make you go, Yeah, that was quite heavy and raw!’

A master of his own craft who has been a household name in his hometown, he is now flying high following the release of his 3rd studio album, dubbed “From the Heart”- a 16-track masterpiece that was released after he got out of prison and that comes from a very personal place.

Rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop genre, everything you’d wish for in a rap collection is here; relatable narratives, punchline-heavy bangers, clever wordplay, deft arrangement, pristine production, street trap anthems, and vivid storytelling in lyrical fashion.

When it comes to his craft, Hotboi Ty pulls no punches. You will love how the tracks transition into one another, but still, the album manages to maintain its original shape. He talks of his trials and tribulations, his resiliency, determination, and fortitude, and really the courage it took to go through certain experiences that somehow forged that steel inside of him!

“Time” is an emotional masterpiece that sees Ty lyrically detail his time in prison and how these events only served to make him stronger and wiser.

“”.555″ is just a mind-blowing lyrical performance and one of the most stimulating performances from the album. The way he effortlessly fleshes out some intricate wordplay flanked by clever rhymes and witty charms is the mark of an ingenious lyricist.

“Cold Feet” is another emotionally raw delivery about his woman leaving him while he was incarcerated. You feel the emotions fly through his voice as he takes you on a journey of betrayal, but one that is hopeful of riding all the way to the top to get what is his.

“Dirty K” sees Ty take the gloves off and give a proper street anthem with explicit and gritty rhymes exuding that gangsta-level type of lyrical rap!

And if you are wondering, if he could go back and do things differently, then the answer is a resounding No…he acknowledges he was living through a pre-written chapter in his life and that things turned out exactly the way they were supposed to.

Flanked by guest emcees such as Gata Mudd, 256 Biggz, CTG DayDay, lil cracc rocc and Candyman, “From The Heart” deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as acclaimed albums that have already been released in the later part of last year and this year from popular artists such as Nas, Drake, Lil Yachty and more.

Under the wing of Powerseat Music Group, an independent label making waves of their own when it comes to talent identification and nurturing, Hotboi Ty is expected to meet and surpass higher expectations, with the sights set on a global impact with his raw and unrestrained sound.

“From The Heart” is a step in the right direction for him and a collection that I honestly feel will elevate Hotboi Ty to international acclaim.

While some artists sing about situations that are somewhat foreign to them, “From The Heart” is just an impeccable distillation of Hotboi Ty’s life for the past few years as he gives the listener the VIP seat treatment to experience the rollercoaster that has been his life. This album is a peak into the very personal life of Hotboi Ty; enjoy!

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