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Scotland-based singer-songwriter Ryan Kershaw’s debut album, “Everything Has Led To This,” is an impressive work of sublime virtuosity!

Ryan Kershaw has always been fascinated by the power of music to transcend language barriers, cultures, and anything in between. Music is the thing that unites us all together, and it was the thing that Ryan Kershaw sought sanctuary in growing up. His father’s love for new music and his uncle’s insatiable passion for the guitar helped fuel his own obsession with music.

He is genre-bending, pushing the genre boundaries in his own unique ways and not allowing himself to be restrained by the confines of styles. That said, he also has an identity with the vast folk sound backed by acoustic stylings and rock sensibilities as you will experience in his debut album, “Everything Has Led To This,” an 11-track full-length that sees Ryan find inspiration in his vulnerability and strength in his personal experiences, even the sad and painful ones, to fashion such an entrancing piece as this!

Singing with his crisp voice and exuding such high musicianship, enthusiasm, and sincerity makes this album infectious and joyful. And from this entire collection, you will be made aware of an artist with a penchant for timeless standards; lucky for both him and his listener, he’s got the voice and phrasing to make the tracks here sound fresh and relevant—they are timeless and yet completely of the moment; unheard of and yet somewhat familiar!

As someone who is inspired by lifelong musical influences from artists that he grew up listening to, Ryan does not feel pressured to merely copy his predecessors. No, he is instead focused on building his own sound within the heritage of first-rate singing.

What you will most love about “Everything Has Led To This” is that you can understand and relate to the lyrics on a deep and personal level. In this project, Ryan prides himself on doing justice to the lyrics, and he tries to bring a lot of passion and fun to the music.

He succeeds on all levels throughout, making the classic songs and vintage lyrics sound as if they were written specifically for him to communicate to today’s listeners.

Proving to be one of the most innovative and creative artists of his generation, Ryan connects with his audience by putting his heart into his songs while investing real-life stories into his lyrics…like he does here. This album provides a much-needed sense of community, family, and connection. Delving deep into the creative process with his panache for all things curious, this album is a wild exploration of musical wonder!

With powerful vocals, infectious acoustic guitar, and lyrics that pack a punch, “Everything Has Led To This” marks the continuation of Ryan Kershaw’s attempts to perceive everything around him through acoustic folk, folk-rock tunes and thoughtful lyrics.

This album has already received coverage and critical acclaim from The Guardian for “Ransom Note and has received lots of radio plays as well as inspiring a short forthcoming C4 documentary about Ryan’s journey: where he was born, where he has been living, and what music means to him—a peak into his very person. Recently, Ryan signed to Red Tangent Records, a Lived Experience record label backed by the National Lottery and national music charity Changing Tunes.

“Everything Had Led To This” is the kind of therapeutic music that places you in different dimensions; that love-inspired ballad, “Labyrinth of Our Love,” and the mesmerizing folk-rock masterpiece “The Doors of Perception,” which is mellow and haunting, are some of my all-time favorites from this collection…I have been listening to them on repeat for an awful lot of times now!

It is now with a full heart that I recommend to you this ingenious collection that will infuse your days with nostalgic warmth and joyful spirits—relish!

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