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Canadian superstar Buggie Bars’ new motivational anthem, “Shine,” is now streaming on your favorite platforms!

Buggie Bars is definitely a star in the making; his impressive discography has been peppered with deservedly acclaimed singles and an album that really highlights his versatility and artistic range. His eclectic style of music means that he cannot be boxed- although he has rubberstamped his brand in classic R&B and hip hop! As someone who is well aware of his innate capabilities in and out, he is able to create content originally from scratch, having direction on his creativity and ideas, and ingenious information that is not often witnessed in the music industry today. He is very conscious of his craft and does not make music for the sake of it; his sound is flavored with empowering and positive messages that resonate with unique audiences.

I feel that his writing proficiency is indeed useful to the music industry, as he is inventing tools to better the world’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health through his music. His new single, “Shine,” embodies a radio staple from start to finish—trust me, it is that good!

I have been playing this track on repeat, and I feel ready to take on the world like Superman (I have a feeling I’ll sleep on it, play it in my dreams, and wake up to it!). A motivational anthem to inspire someone to keep fighting until things get better, this is the anthem to remind you that every ending marks a new beginning. You have to remember that everything we experience happens for a helpful reason, and when one door closes, another will always open for you. Trust always that life has your back- even if what’s unfolding makes no sense whatsoever.

A coherent blend of soulful R&B and rap, “Shine” is everything you’d need in a competitive track; poetic lyricism, hypnotic and nostalgic melodies, arresting hooks, and captivating vocals!

With that mellow hit of the piano, Buggie Bars takes the stage, “A day with no laughter is a wasted day…”, going on to give a thought-provoking and ear worming poetic-fueled lyricism as the track builds, skillfully integrating the more vibrant and rhythmic beats that echo that spirit of classic R&B and hip hop.

You’ve got to admire the virtuosity to Buggie’s singing- his voice holds so much effortless power and the way he just makes this an anthem with the memorable chorus, “Get up, this ain’t the end, you’ll see

Get up, you got a friend in me

Get up, you got to try again

Get up, you got to shine, my friend” creates an emotionally fulfilling and cathartic listening experience. You’ve got to give it to him; he’s got that knack and forte for finding hooks in this classic stunner!

“Shine” is the type of anthem capable of boosting the vibe in any setting; whether you’re just listening from the comfort of your house, working out in the gym, on a long drive with family, or just in a night setting having the time of your life, this is the type of music you want to listen to.

I cannot stress enough how Buggie Bars manages to strike a balance between R&B and rap, doing it so effortlessly and in a way that will undeniably appeal to a wide range of fans from all walks of life. It is like he manages to bridge the gap between the old school and the new school generation here which is no mean feat by itself!

“Shine” is now streaming on all major platforms; follow the attached link and have the time of your life with it!

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