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International Zimbabwean artist Calaburr’s “elegance” is a distinctive and captivating blend of innovation and tradition.

A complete artist is a culmination of numerous components. For one Calaburr, the rich upbringing of his Zimbabwean decent has been incredibly meshed with his well-traveled resume to create this sound with a global touch and appeal to it. He incorporates various influences, cultural, social, or otherwise, into his music to reflect a global sound that skillfully defies conventions but still has a brand attached to it. After listening to his EP, “elegance,” I find his craft a brilliant fusion of hip-hop, rap, and trap with elements of experimental and psychedelic production. The music features hard-hitting beats, atmospheric instrumentals, and intricate layering, creating this cinematic and immersive sonic experience. Calaburr’s distinctive vocal delivery, characterized by his auto-tuned crooning and somewhat aggressive rapping, adds depth and intensity to the music. With this project, he stands tall as one of the most innovative talents in Jerk rap with that underground influence.

A 6-song EP spanning 12 minutes and 31 seconds, with some epic collaborators from internationally acclaimed underground artists such as Barretta, Yhapoji, Oodaredevil, and Phreshboyswag, this project is a reflection of Calaburr’s versatility and really mirrors his own trailblazing music journey. He is an artist who went on to land big placements with large artists in just four months after his official release, and that speaks volumes about the humongous magnitude of a talent we are about to discuss.

Back to the project “elegance,” it really stands out thanks to the innovative production techniques and the way unconventional sounds and samples have been incorporated in order to push the boundaries of traditional hip-hop.

The track “SMOKESHIT” features this dark, atmospheric vibe that is contagious. “EyeCandy” makes you feel ‘high’ in a captivating way and the vocals feels like instruments themselves. “Keylogged” is bouncy with an infectious energy thanks to the electronic and dance instruments and resounding basslines. “Julia (Kim K)” featuring Barretta features some catchy and infectious hooks and the intricate wordplay that showcases the artist’s diversity as well as command of his craft.

As the owner of CEO MusiX, his own independent label, Calaburr is all about elevation and success, pushing and challenging young talented people like him to want to be their own bosses and giving listeners the feeling that they are in fact big deals and important for real.

Calaburr’s journey has culminated in epic projects like these, earning him critical acclaim from heavyweights such as Lil Xan, YhapoJJ, Lil B and XavierSoBased & more who have joined hands with him in order to take his craft to the next level, as they believe there is no limit to what they can achieve together.

“elegance” took 6 months of blood, sweat, and tears, and the end result really speaks for itself; this is the most cohesive Jerk mixtape to date and deserves to be heard by anyone with a boss mentality like you.

Try it out, and let us know how you feel about the music.


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