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Leading entertainment company FreshTasteGroup and dynamic film production company Swats Nation collaborate to present “Bolegs: An Old ATLANTA Story,” screening at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival

Jeffery Dean Morgan” and #FreshTasteGroup Director “Tahir StayFresh Ali” Entering into the Macro Lounge event at SunDance film festival, 2024.

One might ask, what is Atlanta known for? The capital city of Georgia is renowned for having one of the busiest airports in the world, its world-famous hip-hop culture, historical significance in the Civil Rights Movement, and as the birthplace of Coca-Cola. The city is home to several important landmarks in the USA, including the one and only Martin Luther King Jr., among many others. While it’s incredibly hard to include all this historical, cultural, and musical significance of such a city in words, it has proved to be quite effective to capture the city’s rich essence in film. That’s where FreshTasteGroup and Swats Nation come in.

A top-rated entertainment firm based in the heart of Atlanta, FreshTasteGroup is a leading establishment when it comes to talent discovery and nourishment. Swats Nation is another film establishment based in Atlanta that is at the forefront of telling the city’s unique stories through films. Given the reputation of both companies, this joint project is highly anticipated and is expected to be a significant addition to this film.

A city soaked in so much rich history, cultural diversity, and musical wealth like Atlanta obviously has people who have dedicated their entire existences to doing so. “Bolegs: An Old ATLANTA Story” will give them their flowers, recognize the very foundations they laid and how the upcoming generations have benefitted from them, and continue with their predecessors’ legacy.

The film will retell the stories of legendary artists with visual artistry and emphasis, honoring iconic producers, civil rights activists, philanthropists, and political figures who have shaped Atlanta and its community.

The story of a city with vast and beautiful landscapes, rich cultural and ethnic heritage, warm and inviting people, resilient people, and jovial people will be told. For those unfamiliar with Atlanta, this film serves as an eye-opener, offering a glimpse into a city that embodies the quintessential American spirit.

There’ve been great films and documentaries that have been about Atlanta; however, “Bolegs: An Old ATLANTA Story” is a standout and one that really captures the essence of the city as much as its people!

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