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Immerse Yourself Wholly Into a Melodically Transcending Artistic Piece as Johnny Hachem Backed by Eclectic Sound Orchestra Perform “Jacob & Rachel, the Love Story”

Johnny Hachem

Like a true titan of industry, Johnny Hachem has always excised his mind to think only thoughts that serve his ascent to mastery and happiness. Sitting regularly in feelings of gratitude, positive expectancy, and love Johnny has been able to evoke those same feelings through his compositions that are nothing short of breathtaking! His abundant compositions not only uplift but also encourage in their own dazzling ways and it is why he is a holder of many international accolades and has performed in numerous concerts and international festivals in Ukraine, Lebanon, France, Switzerland, Germany, England, Spain, Poland, Romania, Lithuania, Belarus, South Korea, and many other countries. Johnny Hachem is a Lebanese- Ukrainian composer and pianist who lives in Ukraine and this is his astonishingly heartwarming piece “Jacob & Rachel, The Love Story” that he performed alongside Eclectic Sound Orchestra and it has so far amassed over 98, 100 viewership from across the globe!

“Jacob & Rachel, The Love Story” is a sensational love story from the Bible and you will marvel at such professionalism and melodicism that has been blended together to perfection to fashion a composition for ages that will fill your heart with warmth, love, and other indescribably magical feelings. As a mind-reader, everything works in tandem to bring a world of bliss within close range as you watch yourself get immersed and carried away to the beautiful garden in heaven with the angles resting on your soul and cementing the timeless feel of eternal joy and satisfaction.

This is what wizardry feels like and this tune sits at the threshold of authentic brilliance with the breathtaking musical orchestration on display that is performed in a very genuine and original way. You will love the plethora of instruments on display from the violins, the cellos, French horn, the trombone, cornet, saxophone, drums, keyboards, trumpet, cymbals, harp, and other organic instruments and how they have been afforded so much space to express and affect in their own dynamic ways with the exceptional skills displayed in playing them a sight to behold in itself!

And what a magnificent way to begin and brighten your day other than listening and viewing this orchestrated musical cinema as Johnny Hachem once again displays his special skills of inspiring such a masterpiece to life! It is stunningly touching and invokes the most glorious and beautiful feelings there are! To get a taste of the upliftment; just follow the attached link and immerse yourself into this 9 minute long masterpiece in composition transcendence!



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