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Feels like Christmas already with the iconic songstress Lisa Dawn Miller’s new project, “My Favorite Time of Year”

Lisa Dawn Miller is an incredibly gifted singer-songwriter, producer, and performer. A forward-thinking artist on a creative tier of her own, she has always remained tirelessly committed to interpreting her vision, thoughts, and insights in the most authentic way in music. Her musical range is broad enough to captivate a wide audience, as she breaks all existent boundaries in musical genres to come up with ear-catching music that is enjoyed for what it is: authentic and heartfelt.

The upcoming holiday season, which is arguably everyone’s favorite time of the year—Christmas and the New Year—inspired Lisa to release her seventh album, “My Favorite Time of Year,” which consists of seven tracks.

She sings about the days to forget about heartaches. The past and the future blur together. In the moment, the present matters as we bask in the here and now, cherishing those shared memories with family, friends, strangers, and loved ones. These are the days when our hopes and dreams feel as though they are within range, no matter how outlandish they may be to others. These days are like no other. Here’s to the festive season!

The track features a catchy modern pop arrangement, with Lisa’s angelic vocals breathing life into the song and giving it an authentic tone.

“We’ll Always Have Christmas Eve” is as nostalgic as its title and rises from the mellow piano tones backed by Lisa’s incredibly beautiful voice. The violin adds depth and elegance, along with a cinematic thrill, and as the song progresses, Lisa showcases her unmistakable vocal range,

“A Miracle” features a tuneful piano intro that lays the foundation as Lisa gently slides through the track with her crystal clear, golden, and soulfully rich voice over the stripped-back piano foundation that provides a captivating backdrop to delightfully supplement her traffic-stopping vocals. This song is a testament to human resilience, strength, and courage to overcome seemingly insurmountable challenges and was dedicated to her disabled cousin Angelique.

“It’s Christmas” sees Lisa delve into the heart of the festive season as she reminisces about their shared memories with her father, the legendary Ron Miller. This is such a heartfelt performance, and her heavenly voice makes it even more likable. She packs such an appropriate punch with her vivid storytelling panache, allowing a listener to find their own personal connections with her lyrics.

“A New Year” is a proper R&B-laced anthem. This tune is an ode to new beginnings. Each New Year begins with a fresh perspective. Lisa exudes such irresistible allure with her polished vocal performance.

She concludes the EP with a soulful and heartfelt rendition of her dad’s classic, “Someday at Christmas” where she respectfully honors the original while using her creative foundation as a trampoline to reach new and exciting musical grounds.
There is so much for a music lover to enjoy from this EP that has been made with love and her always unwavering passion and purpose.

Now streaming on all popular platforms, seize the opportunity to satisfy your musical appetite with something catchy, timeless, and deeply relatable.

Be sure to follow Lisa on all her social platforms for more exciting updates, including her new show, “For Once in My Life: The Songs of Ron Miller”, her recently launched an online store,, and so many more interesting endeavors, including new music!


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