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The New Jersey-based duo Riversend delivers a delightfully fascinating performance in their new single “Phantom”

Riversend - Phantom

Riversend is a New Jersey-based duet featuring the girlfriend-boyfriend duo Olivia Horovitz and Zack Miranowic. The pair made their debut as Riversend in September of 2022 with their first single “Dreaming” and they have never looked back since; “Phantom” is their fourth single so far.

Olivia brings to the table her beautifully haunting vocals, and Miranowic is a wizard guitar player who chops those licks with admirable virtuosity. It goes without saying that separately their talents are undeniable and indescribably beautiful, but together they are perfection!

Coming through with a melancholy-fueled anthem about that kind of spirit and ghost that we are sometimes privy to when we face our own images in the mirror, “Phantom” is as deeply haunting as it is captivating.

With the luxurious-sounding guitar harmonies laying the perfect bed of support for Horovitz’s incredibly haunting vocals to thrive, her performance draws the listener in and puts them right beside her as the story unfolds.

Miranowic’s tailored delivery and knack for the specifics drive the message home, and in a way that ensures this performance remains entrenched in a listener’s brain for the rest of the day.

“Phantom” is also overflowing with guitar dexterity and awe-inspiring showmanship, and you’ve got to love how, as the track progresses, there is that transcendental cinematic feel about it to underscore the heavy theme that inspired it in the first place!

“Phantom” is dark and melancholic, and it has been accompanied by an eye-catching, visually stunning music video that fits perfectly with the track’s narrative.

This performance right here demonstrates a vocal and emotional range impactful enough to reach a global audience and is already solidifying Riversend as the duo to follow.

Their diversity, natural talents, infectious energy, and unrestrained passion are why Riversend deserves to be on any music-passionate fan’s radar.

Riversend’s chemistry and complete mind-meld are evident in “Phantom”; – with equal and opposite forces working closely together to create something extraordinary and timeless!

Follow the attached link to listen to this masterpiece, and make sure you subscribe to Riversend’s YouTube channel and add this tune to your library.

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