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Sinseerly Tay’s “Fighting Demons” (Official Music Video) Is Out Now!

Sinseerly Tay Fighting Demons

The power is in the message and the message is in the lyrics; the story of Christian rapper Sinseerly Tay who hails from Saint Louis, Missouri has been nothing short of inspiring with the tremendously gifted singer-songwriter and producer taking the Christian rap to where it belongs. He makes magnificent tracks that any listener should find easy to relate with since they are written and performed from a place of sincerity and talk about the real-life issues that all of us are facing or have in one way or another experienced in our journeys. One thing about him, he is not about the extravagant beats and flashy lifestyle depictions in his videos – he lets the message carry the power of the track making a listener to stick with every word coming from his mouth like super glue! This is a unique ability since most artists hide behind the luxurious beats and expensive music videos so as to get a listener’s attention but to Tay, there is power in simplicity – performing music is simple, but performing simple music is the hardest thing there is!

“Fighting Demons” is a gospel masterpiece that is finely-tailored with the opening note of the piano followed by calming effects with the laid-back drums and endearing beats that complement the track appropriately and the glamorously auto-tuned male vocals of Sinseerly Tay capture a listeners attention and tie them up with his deep and powerful lyrical message.

The track is an inspiration in its message letting listeners know that even if we find ourselves engulfed by the dark powers of evil and trapped by the dark spirits of our demons – we have someone at our corner who is bigger than all our demons, someone right above our shoulders and all we need is ask for his help and He will intervene immediately – His name is the almighty God. All we have to do is trust and believe in him and leave the rest under his able hands.

The video is a perfect complement to this moving track as you get to watch the emotions flow right through Tay’s body movements and facial expressions echoing the emotional message and drawing a viewer even closer to the song. This is what he does best and his selfless acts of healing people through music is what will ensure that he and his generations remain blessed and achieve tremendous life-changing success in all their endeavors. “Fighting Demons” is now available on all major streaming platforms – follow the attached link to view the music video, like the video, leave a positive message and share with your friends and family.

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