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Making an Indelible Stamp With an Unstoppable Disruptive Sound; AL COIN’s Blazing New Album “Watch Me Reign” Is Available on All Major Streaming Platforms

AL COIN Watch Me Reign

AL COIN is the name making waves and turning the industry on its head with his musical style and delivery that warrants a standing ovation for its originality and culturally dazzling opulence that boasts of so much maturity and excellence, that many upcoming artists simply lack. He is a singer/songwriter, producer, and rapper hailing from New York, Queens. He also mixes and masters his own music as well as other artists’ music. He is also a bilingual artist with Latino roots. His latest album “Watch Me Reign” is already making numbers on Spotify and other streaming platforms and I can think of a pretty good reason why that is the case; it is a transcendently innovated collection that sits at the touchstone of genuine genius boasting the rare quality of authentic and brilliantly passionate performances from both AL COIN the other guest artists that he featured such as Pop Severe, Luxury Dutch, Izzy, and BRAZI.

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Channeling his technicality and intimacy into a melodically flowing hip-hop and R&B collection, I’d recommend a listener to listen through all the tracks for there is something worthy fascinating with each and every track and this is something that is not common in all other artist albums or EP’s. Often, you find that only a few tracks are worth the time but this is not the case for this album, each track comes through with fresh and new ideas and it has the element of surprise to keep a listener guessing and anticipating what the next track is going to be about!

The “Intro” takes you on a southern spin and whisks you away to the good times when everything was all about the music and music was all about everything! Magnificently superstar LL COOL J gives a Hollywood introduction of AL COIN, properly introducing his music and paying homage to their Queens borough. The cultural and organic laid-back but strong introduction welcomes a listener aboard and once you have boarded, there is no aborting, you find yourself enjoying the roller-coaster ride and wishing it never stops! The tracks “The Chop” which he featured Izzy and “The Signs” make for an endearing listening experience with their marvelously contrasting features that trickle-down some route of Hip-hop and rhythmic R&B making use of the dreamy soundscapes and charming atmospheric hip-hop quintessential synths to craft an emotionally open and stylistically warm listening experience. AL COIN spits his well-polished lyrics over the melody with such enriched harmony.

The degree of elegance in the whole of this EP – both lyrically and musically belies an authentic passion that draws listeners in from the very first track to the last one! Well-crafted instruments color the entire of this EP in a buoyant, timeless classic incandescence and even the balance that was achieved between the various vocalists involved in the tracks is charmingly disarming and draws listeners into the space with its delightful and engaging harmonies. This is the EP for all those who like their music impressively detailed and the performances vividly touching. Fans of hip-hop and R&B should find “Watch Me Reign” to be a bold introduction to the efforts of AL COIN and a strong indication of groundbreaking music still to come. This EP as well as his other certified hits from his impressive catalog is available on all digital streaming platforms and all listeners are called into the stream, save and favorite these tracks and share widely for more listeners to join the club get a taste of what AL COIN is all about musically!

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie" Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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