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Cleveland-based internal songstress Alexis Marrero is set to release a new enchanting single dubbed “Wake Me Up.”

A refreshingly eclectic powerhouse and extraordinary female singer is what Alexis Marrero is, and she is on cue to become the next global superstar. Her unique style of music is heavily influenced by a multitude of styles, including R&B, pop, and rock, to name a few. She is known for selling out venues and distinctively connecting to the hearts of her audience with her authentic music that comes straight from her heart, backed by her effortlessly powerful voice that serenades into the depths of the soul of a listener. The year 2022 was a success for Marrero, and she is building on that momentum with a yet-to-be-released ravishing and delightful release titled, “Wake Me Up”.

Alexis Marrero leads the listener through this brand-new masterpiece with a powerfully unusual and expressive voice and a brilliant fusion of intimate R&B and pop with a subtle dash of classic rock energy and that spacious intimacy.

“Wake Me Up” is the sort that blends raw tones, emotional storytelling, and a deeply haunting vocal presentation to fashion a cathartic listening experience that remains with its listener outside of this tune. I love how the tune picks up and the chorus with her golden vocals reeling in a listener into wanting more, and the subtly shaded rock instrumentation augmenting the feeling tenfold!

This track actually highlights her growth both as an artist and a person—she has come harder with a tune that oozes raw talent, charisma, and well-deserved acclaim. At its heart, this tune holds a deeply emotional and relatable tale about heartbreak; it recounts those hurt and sad memories from a relationship that was full of ups and downs but never reached its destination!

“Wake Me Up” embodies a radio staple, from its deft arrangement, cross-over appeal, impeccable distillation of songwriting, and an effortlessly powerful vocal presentation that perfectly breathes life into the lyrical narrative.

Mark March 10 on your calendar, because this is a tune you really don’t want to miss out on. Also, follow Alexis Marrero on all her socials so as to keep tabs on her future endeavors!

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