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From Her First Project “Beautiful Words Came To Form Havoc” Annie Christina’s “Not All Is Lost” Is More Glamorous Than Forlorn A Revelation To The True Power She Brings To The Nostalgic, Splashy R&B/Soul

Annie Christina Not All Is Lost

Rubbing the industry the right way like an imaginative child rubbing a magic lamp, Annie Christina needs no introduction as her industrious attitude precedes her. From Montreal Canada, she is a singer-songwriter, producer and Dj all at once. In such a fascinating, riveting, confusing and exciting period in the lifeline of the world, she chose the right moment to bless our souls, nourish our hearts and fortify our minds with her perfect gift. She is one of the dedicated minorities who has habituated a battle-proofed and unconventional routine to defend her gift, cultivate heroic personal restraint and develop a bulletproofed character through rigorous training of her muscles of self-discipline and hard work. And make no mistake; the times ahead will be phenomenally rich, harmonious, and ultra-productive. She will be vindicated! You heard it here first.

The intro is mind-blowing, sexy, intimate, irresistible, creative and stunningly soothing. The kind you’d listen to all day long without getting bored. This is an avant-garde music concept and the way she manages to imbue the song with a sense of nostalgia and longing is purely an ingenious act. The power she brings to the nostalgic, splashy R&B and Soul is magical with an exuberance rendition of the 80s blues coming into mind with this delivery. This strong melody billows and blossoms into an array of bright synthesizer and auspicious melodies, before it calms down; calming your feelings down with it. This rhythmic tune’s production is lovely and exceptional enough to stand among peak 80s Soul and R&B.  Her lyrical vulnerabilities, the tonal echoes, unforgettable hook and the soul percussion make this magnificent tune big and broad by design. We cannot afford to sleep on this immensely huge talent.

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Annie Christina has fortified herself against turbulences on her path to success by instituting a world-class and meticulously polished hard work routine, and she has positioned herself in a position to turn all the messiness into massive potential. She has been able to transmute all of the pandemic’s chaos into a supreme sense of clarity, genius, and tranquility, which will allow her to reap big rewards. She has a towering depth and a mammoth heart and it feels me with immense joy seeing her shine a light on herself as well as on the talents of others through songwriting, producing, and DJing. Long may she continue healing our souls by delivering high-quality content like her EP “Beautiful Words came to Form Havoc

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