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Ashton Martin, the Lyrical Genius and CEO of ‘Ashton Martin Entertainment,” Is Set to Release His Personally Identifiable New EP, “NSD.”

Music has always been at the forefront of Ashton Martin’s focus, and when he got the chance to have a go at it, it was safe to say he was living his dream. For someone born and raised in a small town in North Florida, Martin never could have predicted his own rise to fame or owning a recording studio through which he would also make others’ dreams a reality. Being influenced by artists such as Tom G, Ace Hood, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Tupac, and many others while growing up, Martin found a way to birth a version of himself that could live up to the legacy that some of his revered luminaries had been able to carve.

His most successful album to date, “solid” set the motion for his success and opened up the floodgates of attention, critical acclaim, and collaborations from loyal hip-hop heads, numerous media outlets, and key industry players.

It has not always been bread and butter for Ashton Martin; lately, he had his own difficult moments that threatened to devastate his career, but being the titan he has proved to be and someone who has overcome a huge chunk of adversities to be where he is currently standing, he chose to fight for his dreams. It was during these tumultuous moments that the EP “NSD” which is the acronym for “Never Stop Dreaming,” was born.

This six-piece project is rooted in the traditionalism of the hip-hop genre and more than anything affirms Martin’s musical strengths over the mic. “NSD” is that inspiration collection that just gives a listener everything they’d imagine in rap music: raw, intense lyrics, smart punchlines, metaphors, and vivid lyricism.

In this record Ashton Martin raps for everyone who understands what it means and what it takes to fight for their dreams in the face of impossible odds; never once stopping and always looking ahead, knowing and strongly believing that it’s going to happen either way. A unique blend of futuristic tones, a nostalgic vibe, gritty lyrics, and soul-bumping production, this is everything you’d want in your rap vinyl!

In as much as he is entertaining, Ashton Martin is having a direct and honest conversation with his listener hoping that by the end of their listening experience, the take-home will be resilience, great fortitude, and tremendous courage and to never ever stop dreaming!

“NSD” will shape the hip-hop sound around inspiration and motivation; this is a must-have record that will soon be available for streaming on all your favorite platforms. Keep it here and stay in the loop by following Ashton Martin everywhere to keep tabs on his endeavors.

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