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UK-based producer and rapper Baby Tap’s “The Slaughterhaus” is here, pushing musical boundaries with its unique sound.

Based out of Nottingham, UK, Baby Tap is a multifaceted music producer and hardcore rapper bridging the worlds of hip hop and punk, techno and industrial music. He is gaining rapid national recognition for his engineering and composing skills that leave audiences craving for more. His impressive catalog offers productions spanning from mellow beats to high-energy vibes showcasing a deep-rooted passion for creating sounds that captivate beyond the traditional senses. He is revered for his tasteful music that has been positively received as much as for his passion for creating music that exceeds expectations and ultimately propels the entire music production forward.

The single “The Slaughterhaus” is everything fans have come to expect of this ingenious sound innovator and incredible performer.

Blending techno, cyberpunk, industrial and electronic cadences together, this energetic and uplifting track is birthed, which has an immersive and ethereal side to the arrangement, thanks to the swirling synths, intricate percussion, and driving bassline.

In addition to the driving beat, “The Slaughterhaus” offers soaring melodies and ethereal pads that add so much texture and atmosphere to contrast the speed and intensity of the groove. The pulsing bassline and complex percussion create a very strong yet surprisingly mesmerizing groove.

On the mic, Baby Tap comes through with his beautifully haunting vocals as he breathes life into the sophisticated lyrical narrative of this raw masterpiece.

This track has been accompanied by a high-end music video that really works well with the lyrical narrative and essence of the song and elevates it to higher levels of meaning and appeal.

“The Slaughterhaus” is a single from Baby Tap’s upcoming self-produced album, “ENKI” that will be released as soon as the timing is right.

To enjoy this outstanding track, follow the link below, subscribe to Baby Tap’s YouTube channel, give the visual a thumbs up, leave a comment, and share this banger with your friends.

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