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11 Best Music for Massage Therapy Session

The purpose of this post “11 of the Best Music for Massage Therapy Session” is to enable you to enjoy a wholesome body and mind relaxation and heighten your feelings the next time you visit your favorite massage parlor albeit with a resonant playlist at hand

So before a massage therapist can start working on you, you will request to plug in the music and ride along as the background calming mostly instrumental composition exceedingly put your mind, body, and soul to rest in magic equivalent ways.

I’ve compiled 11 tracks that I’m certain would work exceptionally well in this type of setting. Enjoy!

Best Music for Massage Therapy Session

List of Best Songs for Massage Therapy

  1. Crown Imperial Coronation March, C. 32 (Transcr. For Organ) by Bill Chouinard

What way to start this list than with this royal coronation remade by Bill Chouinard with the soft piano and calmingly pure and organic touches that whisk a listener to another planet that is quiet and peaceful. You forget your worries for a while and lose yourself with every touch and melody that is refreshingly smooth and considerate.

Lying on that table as the massage therapist performs his magic with this Crown Imperial Coronation making waves in the background and your life will never be the same again!

  1. Kyrie Eleison by Dan Gibson’s Solitudes

This one right here feels like a sanctuary. It has been purified and sanctified even with the church-like holistic vocals and do you know what the background chirping birds and floating melodicism can do to heal your body?

If you didn’t already know, you should try plugging in the headphones with this music as the background and experience some relaxation deep down that will surprise you in beautiful ways. This has to be on your playlist the next time you visit that parlor!

  1. Your Welcome Voice by Dan Gibson’s Solitudes

This is another one that has been purified and the background stream of the river flowing and water splashing through the ocean laid to bed with the smoothly sensual and relaxing touch will penetrate deep into the tissues with that deep tissue massage.

You’d be amazed at how far this type of soothing will find solace deep inside of you.

  1. Gayatri Mantra by Deva Premal

This is some healing medicine prescribed to the right dose with the way Deva Primal takes control of your body, mind, and soul with her angelic voice – taking you through a cleansing journey and touching the core elements of your already softened heart.

It takes you somewhere tropical where peace and tranquility are the order of the day.

  1. Root Chakra – Primal Support performed by Dean Evenson, Jonathan Kramer, and Scott Huckabay

This is a harmonic way of healing from the soundings of the planet as it takes hold of your body, mind, and soul with the healing guitar and the meditatively progressive instrumentation that calms the body and mind in indescribably special ways washing all your worries and sorrows away in the process.

10 Best Harmony Songs

  1. Deep Theta 2.0 (Pt. 13) by Steven Halpern

Prepare your mind to relax into deep calming instrumental composition as you meditate at the speed of sound heightened by the extra stillness and quietude this piece affords and the hypnotic classy touch of the bamboo flutes that do the magic of easing a listener with the massage process, taking you in and augmenting the process in ways even scientists cannot be able to explain.

It is deep, it is meaningful and it definitely touches on all the right nerves!

  1. Solar Plexus (Manipura) by Llewellyn

I find no other peaceful planet for humans to inhabit than this planet created by Llewellyn that is brimming with top-organic quality and afford humans the natural view of life’s finest treasures in its simplest moments – In those daily occurrences that most of us take for granted.

This is a luxurious trip to exotic places to allow your mind to drift to the simplest and most apparently ordinary of moments that life has to offer.

  1. Whispers Among the Stars by Aeoliah

These are the whispers of silence and the sound echoes right through the blue sky and is reflected in a pure soul. It bridges the stark human moments between pure ecstasy and exquisite delight that is felt through the mind rewiring the neural senses in ways recommended by the brain surgeons!

This will help you release those toxic emotions that may be growing out of your past traumas offering another undisturbed glimpse of a healthy life not only for the body but even for the soul. This is the perfect music for massage therapy.

  1. Temple of Silence by Deuter

Best enjoyed far away from any destructive mind clogging vampires as you envision the brightest output of your life, leveraging the phenomenon of transient hypofrontality that this wave of silence offers to orchestrate results at a level of mind genius you have never experienced before and reclaiming the sense of inner well-being you might have lost.

“Temple of Silence” will whisk you away with striking efficiency and resonate deeply with all the organs in your body making you feel calmer and happier with its loving presence.

  1. An Ending (Ascent) – Remastered 2005 by Brian Eno

From a place deeply culminating into an aura of tranquility and solitude and allows you to protect your natural talents and sanity in this commercial world of such noise, stress, and an invitation to relentless interruption. The victory hour with the harmonic progression provides you with an insulated period at the front end of your day in that newly created state of mental toughness, physical fitness, emotional resilience, and spiritual fearlessness.

  1. Saudades by Young No Beatz

This is a deserving climax to our list with the critical acclaim it offers with the majestic pacifying and tranquilizing melodicism providing an escape from a seemingly chaotic world and offering appeasing refuge and when this is blended with some Thai massage, then your whole body will never tire thanking you for such a generous treat!

The next time you visit your scheduled massage session, you will be accompanied by 11 resonant quality relaxing harmonies to transport you to a modified relaxed world that is hospitable and friendly to your body, mind, and soul. I know I’m a savior (you can thank me later!)

What music do massage therapists use?

Most massage therapists play soft, instrumental music that doesn’t distract from the massage itself but can still provide a sense of relaxation and focus. In fact, what you hear playing in the background of a spa or massage place is most likely one of these 5 compilations.

  1. Everyday Harmony Music

2. Evening Meditation

3. Spa Music Relaxation

4. Relaxing Spa Music

5. Relaxing Music for Meditation


What do all these sounds have in common? They are all very relaxing, which is something you want your clients to be when they’re getting a massage.


What music genre do massage therapists use?

Classical Music

There’s a reason so many people fall asleep to classical music. It’s relaxing, and soothing, and has been shown to lower blood pressure.

Meditation music

This is often played during yoga classes or as background noise when meditating. The sounds are mellow and soothing, making it easy for a patient to relax and release their tensions. Meditation music can also help with concentration.

New-age music

This type of music is very similar to meditation music as it is very mellow and soothing, but it differs in that it contains more instruments than just a few notes being played here and there. It allows a person to let go of any stresses they may have. It allows them to find inner peace while still being relaxed.

Nature sounds

Sometimes, nothing is better than nature sounds when trying to relax. Although some people may think that these sounds would be distracting, the truth is that they are really calming for many people.

Ambient electronic music

Genres of music can be defined in a number of ways, but ambient is generally considered to be a genre that focuses on sound patterns more than melodic form.

It works well because it has an ethereal quality, which means that the listener doesn’t necessarily have to pay attention to the music because it’s so passive.

This will help massage clients focus on their breathing and body instead of what song is playing or how long the session has been going on.


The genre of jazz is a staple in music for massage. With its soft and smooth sounds, it provides an excellent backdrop to a relaxing massage.

How do you play music in a massage room?

There are many ways to play music in a massage room. One option is to connect a Bluetooth speaker to your phone and use it as a remote control. Another way is to plug your phone into an AUX cord that’s connected to the speaker. Another, the more conventional method is to bring your own CD player or MP3 player and listen to your favorite music from there.


We hope that you’re able to relax and be at ease more frequently with these songs in the background. Rest assured that you will genuinely feel a new level of therapeutic comfort with these great tunes.



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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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