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International multi-colored rock outfit Bromsen delivers a highly infectious masterpiece themed “Merryman.”

At their core, Bromsen are simply and formidably good storytellers; everything this duo crafts has their blood running through it. What you get to enjoy is a magnificent slice of rock that is inspired by the golden age era and flavored with some electro stylings to give it a new edge over any type of rock sound that you might have become accustomed to. Complemented by raw, self-assured, and impassioned vocals that give vibrant life to their music’s anthemic lyrics, their gift for storytelling is as apparent onstage as it is on paper.

“Merryman” is deeply infectious, peppered with catchy harmonies and memorable hooks over the invigorating rock-induced melodies that escape through the speakers with a pop transcendence. It is as if galaxies collide, and what is formed is such a sight to behold—only this time you feel it!

The vocals are big, bold, and uncontainable, and they pulse with the textural sound while balancing the tension of melodic rock, vivid storytelling, and transcending pop harmonies. The stripped-down authenticity, craftsmanship, and deeply engaging lyricism will undoubtedly leave an impression on any listener, regardless of their genre preferences.

You’ve just got to love the lively nature of this tune, both in its lyrics and melodies. It has that sort of infectious energy that you cannot escape, no matter how rigid you claim to be. There are the squeaky clean guitar tones that seamlessly blend with the vibrant drums and rock-infused percussion to create a sound reminiscent of the 70s and early 80s.

The mix and mastering are of high quality and highlight Bromsen’s good judgment and great ears. “Merryman” is the sort of sound that glances into the past while stepping into the future, and you are bound to relish every minute of it!

To listen to this original masterpiece, follow the attached link, and don’t forget to add it to your library.

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