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Carolina Based Pop Rap Artist Ca1n Has a New Emotionally Moving Single, “Sorry I’m Here” Featuring Isdavedead

Ca1n Sorry I’m Here

Ca1n is an independent artist based out of North Carolina. The 21-year-old multi-genre act is never limited by the boundaries of specified genres and has always been breaking those boundaries that exist in music borders by coming up with a splashy cocktail of melody that blends the scintillating elements of pop, funk, emo, pop and hip-hop. No matter the type of beat you put him in, he always delivers and I can foresee a great future in the music industry that will be nothing but a colossus of metallic and granite success!

What makes his music deeply resonant is that he is not scared to confront his vulnerability as he knows there is nothing to be gained really by pushing your feelings down. So he comes through with bloodlettings honest and sad truth in his music that the current generation of heartbroken adolescents can gravitate toward. He has a new melancholic and intriguing single, “Sorry I’m Here” that he featured fellow rap artist Isadavedead.

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This track slaps right at home for those who have dealt with matters of heartbreak firsthand. Where you just watched as the person you thought was deeply in love with you slip further and further away from your fingertips. The beats echo the emo spirit with Ca1n making an anthem off of the lines with his sing-song technology. You can feel the sad emotions via his vocals that make you feel like he may never love again.

Isadavedead complements the track perfectly with his theme-perfect bars that help drive the emotions home. The powerful and blazing beats are in brilliant contrast to the melancholic theme the lyrics offer. And to all those who take our feelings for granted, “You may want me to leave, sorry I’m here…!”

“Sorry I’m Here” is now out on all the streaming platforms- follow the attached link to stream this track and save it as a favorite under your playlist.

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Established Hip Hop Artist ReachingNOVA Creates a Free-flowing Lyrical Course with His Single "C'est La Vie"

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