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London-Based Independent Music Star Chris Olson Is Currently Making Waves With His Latest Masterpiece, “Dirty Summer.”

As someone who possesses a knack for timeless standards, this acoustic cover artist cum musician based out of London has got that unique voice and phrasing that make his music relatable, infectious, and relevant. Ever since he released his 2018 EP, “For Emma” things have not been the same for one Chris Olson; he has been rising from strength to strength, seeing his ever-growing fan base upgrade into some sort of following that continuously feeds off of his genre-defying melodies with roots in indie folk, alternative country, and contemporary rock.

His latest jam, “Dirty Summer,” has already been unanimously acclaimed on various digital platforms; I would be damn mad if that weren’t the case because this is one authentic masterpiece that just sees Olson build on his story as a teen struggling with his own identity and trying to keep up with the pressure.

A particularly inviting drum beat gets things going before an oasis of full-throttle guitar riffs join in the mix to lay the foundation for this mega hit. Soon enough, Olson makes an entrance with his ethereal vocals that genre-wise, appeal to the sound design of retro folk.

It is really hard to pin “Dirty Summer” down to just one type of sound; through the lively and vibrant tones, there are subtle nuances of rock and hints of alternative country that add to the sonic warmth and variety!

What’s even more fascinating is that the zestful aura of the melodies contrasts brilliantly with the melancholic nature of the track. By all standards, I feel that this qualifies as a radio staple. It has been lovingly arranged, pristinely produced, and passionately performed; what more could a listener want?

Follow the attached link and let “Dirty Summer” find its way into your playlist!

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