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Swedish artist and producer COY Swede is back with an undeniable radio-friendly pop smash titled “Stay With Me” featuring songstress Scarlett

COY Swede is a rarity among music producers and artists whose knack for music creation started way back when he was younger as a drummer and percussion player. He has since evolved into music production, collaborating with both top-tier and emerging artists as he strives to make his mark globally, aiming to be the force behind numerous memorable soundtracks of people’s lives.

COY Swede’s boundary-pushing approach makes him one of the most creative and versatile artists in the music industry. He is dedicated to shape the sound of pop and all its kindred styles and genres and collaborating with as many gifted artists as possible to create long lasting music.

He is already achieving this, as evidenced by his latest production, “Stay With Me,” featuring songbird Scarlett. This is a bona fide standout and a masterpiece in pop music transcendence.

The charming guitar lays the groundwork, soon immersing the listener in a vibrant blend of piano, drums, bass, and quintessential pop instrumentation.

Swede’s production here is a seamless fit with Scarlett’s voice, giving the song a constant marching ahead vibe that serves to get the listener heavily invested in this track.

The beauty of this song lies not in an overburden of instruments and sounds, but rather in the balance between the guest artist’s rich voice, the lyrics, and their underlying message.

This track is proof that, clearly, Swede understands how to bring out the best of any artist he works with because that’s what he does to really bring out the best of Scarlett’s excellent vocals.

“Stay With Me” explores a sort of infatuation with toxicity where you’re well aware that the relationship you are pursuing is not the best fit for you but you still want it either way (sounds familiar!).

It’s the classic case of wanting someone even when they’re bad for you!

A radio-friendly masterpiece that is catchy, stupendous, immaculately produced, and masterfully executed, I don’t see why you shouldn’t have this on your favorite playlist.

Follow the attached link and do the necessary, and if you are in a jovial mood, check out COY Swede’s 5-track EP, “Blast From The Past,” that features a couple feisty collaborations with Joey Diggs Jr.

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