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Daniel Damian Kapuscinski’s Sound Engineered Album “Waves of life” Takes You on a Musical Journey You Will Never Forget!

Daniel Damian Kapuscinski Waves Of Life

Daniel Damian Kapuscinski is a name you should familiarize yourself with as he is the second coming of the musical messiah, carrying the entire industry at the back of his broad and remarkably talented shoulders and winning at it astonishingly. He is a man living many lives- a Multi-award songwriter and composer, sound engineer, sound designer and surround mixing engineer for media including films, animation and online videos. And if that is not already enough he is also a music technology specialist, studio project designer and set up. His album “Waves of Life” has everything you may desire as a listener as it takes you on a musical journey embellished with life’s ingredients; houses, artistry, dances, nostalgia, dreams, natural resources, ecstasy, seasons, joy, loneliness, melancholy, events, love and loss. His trail-blazing career has led us to this aesthetic musical journey and you better brace yourself for what is by far a masterclass in pure perfection that will leave an indelible footprint on your mind, soul and heart.

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No sooner do you press play on your musical device than the ambiance of your setting is filled with rich harmonies that Daniel Damian Kapuscinski has with genuine passion and aptitude manufactured using his blend of instruments and skilled fingertips. This is without a doubt one for the history books with the mellow sounds emanating from the spectrum of tonal color that articulates the note in a rich, powerful and resonating way. Or perhaps the sound of the brightening piano over time as the hammers’ felt becomes worn and packed down. The harder drier felt produce a brighter sound, while the thicker softer felt create a more mellow tone. There are the integrated clear and bright instrumental sounds with more of a European influence and others more mellow, dark, and rich tone which naturally brighten with the harmony over time.

Daniel Damian Kapuscinski’s undeterred mastery in voicing the tones of the different notes is intriguing and he continues impressing throughout the composition by creating textured melodies with his keyboard with the tuneful melodies really helping bring the scene to life and the more melancholic ones offering meditative introspection. This is a stunningly innovative creation that strikes the perfect balance between the profound joys of life and its equally heartbreaking atrocities. Sometimes while listening to the relaxing music you feel like you are somewhere tropical and drinking fruity drinks from a coconut and sometimes listening to the quiet introspective and tunefully sad melodies make you see your shadow staring itself at a broken mirror while reminiscing at the lost dreams and the longing of home far away with all its loved ones. It is a real tear-jerker and has great soothing melodic harmonies for late-night introspection. What makes this album uniquely special is Daniel Damian Kapuscinski’s ability to create moving mediations on nature, time and space to pair her stunningly innovative engineered sound with evocative imaginary and create an all-encompassing world laced with romance and mystery, and while at it creating visual imagery through his art. This groundbreaking composition is a huge testament to the sound design engineering expertise Daniel Damian Kapuscinski has mastered throughout his boundary-busting career.


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