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Dialogic’s single, “Fall From On High,” perfectly captures the essence and tonality of nostalgic pop-rock!

Dialogic - Fall From On High

Dialogic is the brainchild of one Tom Sykes which was formed back in 2021 and includes Tom as the frontman with producer Paul Worthington and a 4-piece band completing the musical puzzle. Dialogic takes listeners through a cosmic and adventurous exploration- seamlessly blending the nostalgia of old-school pop-rock with the vibrancy of modern relatable lyrics. By combining these components reminiscent of the golden age of music, Dialogic is able to create a mystical listening experience. Dialogic uses their music as a platform for creative expression with a purpose. This musical prose aims to inspire their listeners to love themselves and take action to make a change!

The deeply haunting and immersive tune “Fall From On High” is a reflective, nostalgic pop-rock tune exhibiting luxurious and deft musical arrangements. The intro is laid-back, and as the track builds, it inexpressibly takes its listener with it!

The neo melody effortlessly flows, and you can feel the lively guitars pack a punch. On the vocal front, Tom does incredibly well with his warm, gusty, and sweet-talking vocals to breathe life into this narrative and transform it into an enjoyable anthem that you just don’t want to come to an end!

“Fall From On High” defies musical gravity; it just falls with a pop-rock attitude, slick and witty lyrics, and that goofy riff. Blending the old school pop-rock, this is the kind of tune that easily flourishes and unreservedly boosts the vibe in any type of setting; whether in a night spot, at the ambiance of your home or just over a long drive on a lazy Sunday afternoon!

Exhibiting a nostalgic aura with undeniable grove and wit, “Fall From On High” is the kind of tune I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend to anyone!

To acquire its irresistible taste; follow the attached link and make sure you find a spot for it in your music library!

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