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Iceland-based artist Distortica redefines sonic boundaries with “why is this happening”: a blistering fusion of emo, rock, and pop.

Icelandic artist Eiríkur Eiríksson, the mastermind behind Distortica, takes music enthusiasts on a genre-blurring journey with his latest single, “why is this happening.” Known for his experimental fusion of alternative rock with diverse elements from genres like Argentine Metal, Dark-Pop, Hyper-pop, Trap-Metal, 80s Synthwave, and Emo, Distortica thrives on crafting intricate soundscapes that challenge conventions in every possible way. The end result is much more than just the music; it’s a sonic experience that captivates way beyond the five senses!

Distortica’s eclectic style finds its zenith in “why is this happening” – a multifaceted soundscape and his signature style. The song starts with a subtle and intriguing intro, suggesting a mellow composition. However, this notion is quickly shattered by the entrance of distorted guitar riffs and resounding drums that punctuate the sonic landscape. These elements blend seamlessly with synths, creating a captivating background that perfectly complements Distortica’s clean vocals. As the song intensifies, Eiríkur unleashes a ‘rock snarl’ in his voice, amplifying the raw emotion of the track.

The lyrics of “why is this happening” delve into the theme of self-discovery and the complexities of navigating one’s emotions. Distortica reveals a vulnerability that aligns with the emotional appeal and depth of emo, adding a layer of relatability to the song. The heartfelt and touching exploration of confusion resonates with listeners, offering a genuine connection through music.

In essence, “why is this happening” emerges as an emo-infused alternative rock anthem with pop elements. The distorted guitars, synths, vocal cleans, and occasional screams contribute to a dynamic composition that defies easy categorization. Distortica’s ability to seamlessly weave these

diverse influences into a cohesive sonic experience underscores the artist’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries.

Distortica encourages music lovers to embark on a sonic odyssey with “why is this happening.” With its wide-ranging appeal, the single encourages listeners to explore the boundaries of alternative music. The artist encourages enthusiasts to stream the track, add it to their playlists, and share it widely, facilitating a collective journey into the multifaceted soundscape crafted by Distortica.


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