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DISTRXCT Set to Release A Radiating and Astoundingly Experimental New Reggaeton With EDM Influence Artistic Piece, “Moombah Drip”

DISTRXCT Moombah Drip

DISTRXCT got back into the studio and did what he always does, except this time he did a lot more with experimentation to come up with what will disrupt the entire music scene in the dramatic craze as it has been inspired by his uniqueness and diversity and the undoubted drive to be different and to not always have the same specific sound. This is all genuine and he put his heart into what can be described as the heart-on-sleeve endearing heavy sound that is both ingratiating and grating. It features an improvised dance backed intriguingly by the dazzling crashing reggaeton drum track and the melodic traditional verse-chorus bridge skeletal sketch in percussion. The confidence in his vocal delivery is a compelling factor in the allure of the hard-hitting song exploding from the boom mode instrumentation backing it.

The therapeutic thrusts complemented impeccably by the latent power in his voice especially on the second bridge is exquisite ecstasy that fits in like a perfect match with the 808 deep-phased pounding bass blend of the two styles, conjuring up gorgeous shades of the original EDM scene. It is the fashionable beating heart of the emerging generation dragged into the Caribbean age of the minimalist dembow culture and it’s an absolute joy to hear. It has been embellished with fast-paced, toe-tapping, body-moving, and exceptionally authentic anthemic rhythms.

This acclaimed icon who also happens to be a producer and artist behind the balaclava did so much justice to this euphoric and exhilarating intoxicating ensemble symphony that has allowed improvisation with the careful balance of EDM accessibility with explosive beats, experimentation with reggaeton music formulae, dreamy and catchy lyrics masked by a potent precision in DISTRXCT’s own towering command in his vocality to create a glamorous affair of such mystique allure that even the purest hearts will be drawn to.

He is the master of his own fate, guiding it and fashioning the course of his music and he has made sure that his latest fascination will go down in history as listeners around the globe bask in the glow of its sensation seduction which can only be described as the mark of a consummate maestro. This premium vitality is set to be released on 1/1/2022 and listeners will have to wait a little longer to experience this exploding experimentation that sits at the touchstone of genuine genius and it is worth confirming that it is indeed worth the wait. All listeners have to do is to keep close, following DISTRXCT on all his social media handles and digital streaming platforms for a ‘better time’ is on the horizon.

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