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Have you been listening to Dorian’s latest project, “33”? – If not, then here is your chance; make the most of it!

Without making so much introduction and hoping that you notice him, I’d like us to observe a moment of silence for one musical force, Dorian, who has been breaking new ground as a creative force and is one of the hottest multi-genre stars in the music industry right now. Someone who is always trying to find new words to express his feelings and emotions and one whose inspiration grows inside of him, allowing him to forge lyrics that soon become melodies with universal appeal, it is only right that he goes on to leave an indelible footprint on the music scene.

Up until this moment, Dorian has been delivering the soundtracks of everyone’s lives; he is a natural in his own unique ways and is able to capture a unique, perennial story that marks everyone’s daily life. In a world brimming with transcendent lyrics and impactful melodies, Dorian has taken it upon himself to rewrite some of those old emotions with new words!

Drawing from a hybrid of his own versatility and innate gifts, “33” is just Dorian being Dorian; this is a showcase of someone who is not limited to any one genre, someone who has embraced that freedom of sound, and someone who is not afraid to test his feet deep into the musical ocean!

“33” is a 3-track EP that captures the essence and tonality of electro-dance in the opening track “Do Ya – Extended Dance Mix”, the quintessence of hip hop and pop in “Blast Off” and the flavor of delectable R&B in “Notice Me”. The tracks are not, of course, limited to the aforementioned genres; this is eclecticism at its best!

“33” highlights crystal-clear artistry through a visionary complexion, as Dorian blends dance, R&B, hip hop, and pop flavors to reel you in from the first synths and drum beat and refuses to let you go, even after the EP is finished. Even after repeated listening experiences, these tracks will keep astonishing you; it’s just indescribably fascinating how the EP gets better with each successive listen!

“Do Ya: Extended Mix” is an electro-dance-inspired masterpiece with R&B-defined sensibilities. The beats are just full and dance-inducing, capped off with the catchy hooks that lusciously slink with such lucidity and profound gratification, making this banger irresistible throughout its length.

As someone who appreciates the keen attention to detail, I love what Dorian does with that beat switch as this track builds; this is such a climactic moment. I mean, it feels like you are experiencing two tracks in one; you can call that magic!

“Blast Off” has got those captivating and lively subtle hip-hop and pop anecdotes peppered over the more dominant R&B harmonies. The glossy vocals by Dorian permeated through the mix as they echoed the delicate lyricism, which is reason enough to mark this one as a favorite in this instance!

That guitar intro in “Notice Me” is something else, man. And I don’t know if it’s just me, but when listening to this track, I felt a somewhat weird connection and chemistry to it; this track is so dope that I feel like I have listened to it multiple times before. And you have to understand my marvelous confusion because this is actually the first time I’ve interacted with it!

Charming with that trippy R&B vibe and the undeniably catchy hooks of “I hope that you notice me,”  I don’t want to come across as diminishing the impact of the other two, but this is by far my favorite of this EP. This is the ultimate distillation of spotless artistry. The melodies and lyrics are still haunting me even as I write this, and that right there is the mark of a timeless masterpiece!

“33” is a fully formed EP with a vision that is rightfully focused and vividly achieved. Wipe that sorry look plastered all over your face; you are not too late for the party. Just follow this way and have the time of your life!

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