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Fans of contemporary R&B, urban pop, and hip-hop will find it here with DYNYSTY; an internationally acclaimed singer-songwriter and performer!

DYNYSTY embodies rich talent and a generous heart, possessing unmatched feminine energy. Her steadfast faith in God provides her the strength to always keep moving forward. Determined to fulfill all her dreams and aims, her life goal is to inspire others through her music, which she hopes will endure for many generations. Her primary goal has always been to inspire others through music and an optimistic attitude.

Ultimately, she wants to be remembered as an artist who touched the souls of others through music that endures for generations, providing audiences with an emotional listening experience that uplifts, inspires, heals, and offers solace.

DYNYSTY is an eclectic powerhouse who does not believe in self-limitation when it comes to her creativity. She has been pushing the genre boundaries with a sound that explores contemporary R&B, urban pop, and hip-hop. She creates a sound with crossover appeal.

Her Spotify channel boasts over 7,000 monthly listeners, and her widely acclaimed tracks “Sexy on it” and “N.B.A” have collectively amassed over a hundred thousand streams.

“Sexy on it” embodies her signature eclectic R&B and pop style as she levitates over the upbeat and catchy instrumentation with her sexy voice, commanding presence, and unbridled authenticity, breathing life into the lyrical narrative of this masterpiece with her golden and angelic vocals.

“Sexy on it” has many strong elements, but its captivating energy and addicting chorus stand out, lingering with the listener long after the song ends.

“N.B.A” is a feel-good, atmospheric track that serves as an anthem for days when you feel confident, poised, and enjoy every moment of your beautiful existence. This performance right here is a masterclass in contemporary pop and hip hop and really highlights DYNYSTY’s infinite versatility and creativity.

After a brief hiatus, DYNYSTY is ready to return to the music scene with new projects expected to drop soon.

DYNYSTY’s new single “Only Want You” will be dropping soon; follow her on Instagram and check her out on popular streaming channels, including Spotify, for real-time updates.

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Founder of Tunepical, a blog dedicated to sharing my love of music with you. I believe that music is the key to life, and if you're listening to the right songs at the right time, everything is possible!

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