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EL Capitan V-man’s Debut Project, “Gentleman of the Jungle” is now available on streaming platforms, allowing you to experience the magic of dreams.

The story of one music enthusiast EL Capitan V-Man is the personification of inspiration and to make it even more intriguing is the happy ending it boasts; this is the story that begins with a very young boy with an undying passion for music who never really knew where his future would fall but he was pretty sure it would not be in education/academics. Dropping out of school and going on to become one of the most successful entrepreneurs, EL Capitan V-Man always carried an insatiable passion for music with him. And while at some point he made the music concerts happen, he couldn’t help but feel that he could be much more contented by being more than an enabler and that is where he made the all-important decision to start making his own music. After 15 years of trial and error, EL Capitan V-Man made a grand entrance into the music scene in a fashion that many artists can only dream of; his debut project, “Gentleman of the Jungle” released in August 2022 was unanimously acclaimed; we are talking of a mega project that has claimed almost a million streams since its release!

A house juggernaut; EL Capitan V-Man embraced his passion, and power like never before; capping off what will be remembered as his whirlwind breakthrough era as he delivers authentic house music in the tradition of Kygo, Marshemello and the legend Avicii. This is a 10-piece collection that will take you through all manner of emotions and adventures and you will undoubtedly love and revere every minute of it!

The cover art is the capstone of inspiration; a beautiful depiction of a proud father and his daughter, her biggest fan once the tracks start trickling down, then it is all a moment to behold for any listener despite their genre preference.

“Welcome to Paradise” is the opening track and in this epic tune, EL Capitan V-Man certainly transports you to within the realms of heaven itself- you can feel it in your senses. The way the beats are arranged and echo a warm tropical vibe is irresistibly divine!

“They Talk. We Hustle.” Has been deservedly acclaimed with almost 200K streams on Spotify alone; this is no fluke; – it has a very clubby vibe that is exhilarating. The melodies are arousing and spectacularly follow a rhythmic path brimming with invented ideas around house beats. The way the tune has been tremendously arranged will get you pumped up and moving your body with wild ambition without a single worry about the world; that’s just how good this track is!

“Good Things” take time and this is clearly underscored in this transcending masterpiece that is charming and memorable. The female-coated vocal drops add that flavor and will remain stuck in your brain even after the masterpiece is no more.

With headphones on as you overlook the vast sky on an indescribably beautiful night that is brimming with stars, you get to experience real magic and the quietude that only the night affords as the house melodies in, “Juicy Jungle Nights” hit your naked ears and the feeling reverberates deep within your soul. Again, the female-flavored vocal samples complement this tune favorably.

There really is no amount of words that can best describe the entire “Gentleman of the Jungle” album; what you get is simply an unforgettable listening experience and some of the most invigorating timeless songs to elevate your playlist and last you a lifetime.

“Gentleman of the Jungle” is what passion and art look like and EL Capitan V-Man really proves that this is exactly where he belongs. EL Capitan V-Man is a gem and the industry’s best-kept secret and he should be protected at all costs.

To delve deep into “Gentleman of the Jungle” which has got off to a chart-topping reception, follow the attached link and find out just how much of magic was unleashed here!

To get to know more about EL Capitan V-Man and his story, please follow his website . Interact with him on his social media platforms so as to keep tabs on him and be among the first to receive real-time updates!

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