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Toronto-based lyrical assassin El Cappo is back with another headline hitter dubbed “I Wanna Know.”

Delving deep into artistry with his panache for all things curious, old school hip hop lyrist El Cappo’s artistry is built on the very foundation of wild exploration of hip hop wonder. As someone who grew up listening to 90s and early 2000s music, he always remembers what sounded good to him, and he always strives for his music to have such a conscious impact on its listeners. Staying true to the core foundations from which rap was built, El Cappo is not your ordinary lyricist; he is in a league of his own devoid of any competition, and that is why he is always winning!

After a year-long break, El Cappo is back, bigger and better, with a mind-blowing street banger themed “I Wanna Know.” Delving deep into the creative process, the Lyrical Captain really gives a matchless high-energy performance!

Melding theatrical flows with ear-catching hooks over the vintage beat collection, El Cappo packs a powerful punch like the first-class lyrist he is. In between, his hard-biting and sharp-witted wordplay are the hypnotic hooks that qualify this banger as a certified street anthem.

You’ve just got to love how El Cappo keeps on reinventing and redefining his sound without it losing its authentic essence and that is exactly the case with this epic single here that really underscores his versatility and range as an artist who is not afraid to stay on edge of new sounds whilst still not losing his sound’s essence; – rare and transformative!

This is an unbridled passion amalgamated with a strong desire to outdo himself. “I Wanna Know” will certainly appeal to both the old and the new generation; there is a little something for each generation to enjoy here!

“I Wanna Know” is a well-conceived track that feels like the perfect calling card for El Cappo’s artistry and the direction he is bound to take next!

To give this fresh banger a listen; follow the attached link and let it elevate your playlist ASAP!

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