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There is just magic in Hector JZ’s debut “iCrush” EP that cannot be denied by any listener whatsoever!

Hector JZ iCrush

A Malaysian singer, songwriter, musician and record producer one, Hector JZ gifts spans many disciplines. He has quickly been rising through the ranks as one of the most popularly acclaimed and dynamic artists in the Malaysian contemporary music scene—a near-constant presence in the upper reaches of the music charts. With over two decades of experience in the music game, his meteoric rise to stardom has been inevitable. His debut EP, “iCrush,” has allowed him to claim superstar status, augmenting Hector JZ’s commercial momentum since this 6-piece body of work is nothing less than a blockbuster.

“iCrush” is suggesting a new, mature, and adventurous musician who is as much an R&B vocalist as he is a pop singer!

No matter how many times I listen to the title track, “iCrush,”  I just can’t get enough of its expensive taste and vibe. This tune is an enchanting release record that features a traditional R&B melody, delicious lyrics, and a gorgeous, fully realized arrangement that recalls the pop sound of great singer/songwriter hits of the 1970s.

His vocals, my god! They feel and taste like cotton candy, lusciously slinking through the gracefully balanced nostalgic and modern melodies with that sensational, sensual, and seductive tone that gets you invested in this tune from the first tone to the last one. Hector JZ delivers a confident and captivating vocal performance in his distinctively weathered and gently nurtured velvety vocals, backed by an absolutely first-class sound design.

“iCrush” is an easy recommendation for any and all R&B, pop, and funk fans, particularly those who can appreciate meticulous songcraft.

There are of course the smoothly laid-back and era worming R&B melodies in “Oh Girl” and “Bidadari,”  the evocative and addictive “In Love,”  the hypnotic “Miss You,” and the coruscating ballad “My Heart.”

“iCrush” is going to further fast-track Hector JZ to become one of the most popular, acclaimed, and dynamic artists in postmillennial contemporary music. This is the project to establish Hector as something bigger than a star—he is a self-sustaining empire!

Be sure to check out this valuable collection as well as the rest of JZ’s impressive catalog, which has been on heavy rotation everywhere. Follow the link and let Hector JZ take over and make an impact in ways only he can!

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