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Virgin Islands fine art contributor Jelani Kendall delivers a stunningly immersive listening experience in his “Bush Tea” album.

Jelani Kendall

Ever since he got into the music scene, Jelani Kendall has been demanding attention with his uniquely certified music that spans the likeness of futuristic hip-hop music over Caribbean-inspired lyricism and some dope dance beats. You better believe that Kendall has been working extra hard on finding his identity around a unique sound that cannot be compared to anyone else’s, and he is now operating at the top level, gaining a huge following that keeps on inflating, one record at a time.

Generating buzz with his latest album, “Bush Tea” which was produced by the don V2J, this 12-piece collection highlights impeccable sound selection and echoes a quality that you can trust. Both Jelani and V2J went out of their way to give something for the ages. You’ve got to admire how each track smoothly transitions into the next while the whole album still manages to remain coherent and seamless as an original body of work.

This is sound design at its best; what you experience is over 30 minutes of immersive listening marked by top-quality bangers that make it almost impossible to pick out a favorite. If anything, this collection is a huge testament to Jelani’s impeccable artistry as a trendsetter who continues to hone his craft, refusing to stand still and always staying ahead of the latest trends in sound design.

With a renewed sense of passion for creating something that will live on for generations and that undeterred commitment to strive to put something that can move the crowd, I am happy to report that Jelani Kendall passed with flying colors on “Bush Tea”.

There is nothing quite terrific like that Caribbean-flavored lyrical panache over some soul-bumping productions, and this is what you get in “Bush Tea” from the first track all the way to the last one. Like Kendall’s producer (V2J) always tells him, “we going up fast”, it now feels like nothing can actually stop the momentum they have built.


The keen reader will actually remember the name Jelani Kendall—someone who is changing the hip-hop game with his unique Caribbean style and who is coming through with meaningful, deeply entertaining, and culturally relevant lyricism at the core of his sound!

The party has just begun…so don’t worry, you are just in time for the epic crown jewel moments…just follow this route and join in with the rest of the revelers!

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