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Mexican pop artist Jezuzdelarosa showcases open vulnerability with the track “2 good 2 be true” 

Sometimes there is really nothing to be gained from pushing your feelings down, and most of us have always embraced vulnerability, and there is really no shame in that…it’s actually what makes us human. And if there is an artist out there who understands this better than most, then it has to be Jezuzdelarosa, a Mexican pop artist based on the West Coast of the USA who borrows from his own experiences, no matter how ugly they may seem, to create music with near-universal appeal. He is also a distinguished music video creator and photographer who goes by the alias SoReckless and he has worked with some renowned artists globally as a sought-after videographer.

His latest track, “2 good 2 be true” is a unique sound that starts with that spellbinding guitar intro… the guitar intro immediately grabs the listener’s attention that immediately grabs a listener’s attention before the catchy, upbeat instrumentation unfurls with a tantalizing effect that pumps right through the chest.

On the mic, the vocals are enchanting, captivating, and emotion-drenched, blending graciously with the upbeat instrumentation to exude something that is addicting and captivating.

There is that open vulnerability from the artist as he bares himself out with honest and introspective lyrics; his emotive delivery and impeccable flows underscore the weight of the melancholic lyrics that explore raw emotions of sadness and feelings of betrayal emanating from a close source!

With “2 good 2 be true”, Jezuzdelarosa packs such a powerful punch with such heartfelt storytelling; his vocals have such a rich powerhouse feel and signature warmth and power that draw the listener in and reward them with a true relatable feeling.

“2 good 2 be true” will resonate with anyone who has gone through betrayal, especially someone very close to them.

A huge testament to the artist’s boundless versatility and creativity, this track is such a worthy addition to any music playlist, and the vibrant, poppy feel makes it stick even more!

It has already attracted some tremendous stream numbers; for example, on SoundCloud, the track has over 3K likes in under 4 days, and that alone should tell you the magnitude of the track and talent we are dealing with.

To instantly add this captivating track to your playlist, follow the link below and add the track to your library.

Also, follow SoReckless Works on Instagram.

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