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Just Tat Em’s Latest Single “I Learned Love” hits on a more personal and deep level!

Just Tat Em - 90’s Love

Just Tat Em’s music is like an open diary, with daily entrances about his past and present lives. He has gone through a great deal of adversity that no one has any right to, but instead of crumbling, here he is. He’s got that steel inside of him! He is now using music to help others cope with the way music helped him find sanctuary and therapy when everything else wasn’t making sense. His style of eclectic music now is the result of lifelong musical inspirations from some of his favorite artists, and that is what has been giving him the edge over other artists.

His style is genre-bending, with a satisfactory concoction of hip hop, blues, R&B, alternative pop, and punk rock, as he stretches the genre boundaries in every way he can without allowing himself to be limited to whatever music he creates.
“I Learned Love” is a page from a dark phase in his love as he emotionally details the loneliness he suffered growing up without the love of his parents or anyone else for that matter. He is raw, and you get to fit in his shoes and see things from a different lens, which makes this track have deep resonance.

In this emotional performance, he takes a listener through feelings of hurt, anger, loneliness, and profound hopelessness. Through a visceral projection of his sadness and isolation, you get to dine on the sincerity as he sucks you in with his frankness and vulnerability in a way that anyone who has ever gone through a similar emotional storm might be able to find comfort in.

“I Learned Love” is raw, honest, and soul-stirring. This performance really gets to you as the listener as you develop your own deep connections with the raw lyrics.
This track has been accompanied by a music video of Just Tat Em walking around a graveyard, singing from his heart and soul, and showcasing the depth of his hurtful emotions through his tailored delivery!

To listen to “I Learned Love,” follow the attached link, subscribe to Just Tat Em’s YouTube channel, like the track, and share your thoughts in the comment section.

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