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Professional drummer and producer LHW delivers a hypnotic sound with “Minted Floss”

Layton H Weedeman who wears the moniker LHW, is a multi-genre music producer who likes to explore different sounds and dynamics and not limit himself to the type of music that he creates. His eclectic catalog features tracks with roots in hip hop, jazz, funk, afrobeat, blues, psych rock, and much more. He is also a professionally acclaimed drummer with a career spanning over a decade.

The tune “Minted Floss” features a hypnotic melodic line that is likely to remain ingrained in the listener’s mind for the rest of the day. There is a consistent rhythmic element to the beat that will keep playing over your head even when you are not listening to this track.

Displaying such improvisational and production dexterity, LHW creates this tune according to his own aesthetics, ensuring that it is highly melodic and filled to the brim with that captivating sense of rhythm and groove.

This is a brilliantly authentic slice of compositional ingenuity that makes you feel relaxed as you meditate heavily to the beat.

This is an ideal kind of music to study and relax to, where one can feel the vibrations emanating from the magical blend of rhythm and melody. That bass by Loisel Machin Rodriguez adds flair to the arrangement.

LHW has done a very fine job of blending a plethora of fascinating melodic ideas together with a sense of production virtuosity to give listeners an experience filled with both charisma and liveliness.

The accompanying visuals add depth and elegance to the track and are worth checking out.

Each element of the track collaboratively creates harmony, achieving the intended musical vision.

Experience the vibrant energy of this track by following the attached YouTube link. Don’t forget to like, comment, and share it with friends.

To stay updated on LHW’s endeavors, check him out on Instagram.

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