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Leetonia-based rapper and songwriter Livid’s new single, “Go Getter,” is streaming now on all your favorite platforms.

A 21-year-old fast-rising lyricist based out of Leetonia, Ohio, Livid’s style of rap borders between old school and new school as he aims to resonate with unique audiences. His lyrical prowess is indisputable; he possesses a penchant for spinning words into intricate, beautiful webs of meaning over any type of beat, and that is what makes him the hip-hop artist to keep an eye and ear out for. While the greats before him undoubtedly inspire his lyrics, Livid also takes cue from everyday life; from the people and things that surround him to engineer personally identifiable songs that will have listeners coming back for more!

Livid is now making waves with his just-released banger dubbed “Go Getter,” a high-standard masterpiece. His expression in this high-quality jam is a product of his own experiences trying to make a living off of music. He has come a long way, and he is still not there yet. One thing is constant, though: his hard work and work ethic!

Taking over with the undisguised nostalgic beats that are reminiscent of the old school street vibe, Livid makes his case heard with his sharp-witted bars and powerful delivery as he packs a powerful punch that cannot be replicated.

Demanding a listener’s attention with full-packed candid punchlines, Livid isn’t shy of expressing his lyrical showmanship through hard-hitting rhymes, building on the aggressive rhythmic landscape as he explores in the only way he knows how.

On the surface, “Go Getter” is a track to get you amped up, it’s the anthem to vibe to on days you’re feeling yourself. Living the high life, Livid isn’t afraid to boast about his conquests, and the result is a catchy, braggadocio-filled track that’s certain to get any party started.

When you’re feeling confident and proud of what you’ve accomplished, “Go Getter” is the perfect anthem to blast!

To get a taste of this authentic banger; follow the attached link below and add this track to your library!

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