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Multitalented Artist Moran Ron Baron Has a New Aesthetic Prog Rock and Jazz-Infused Stunner Dubbed, “Thin Ice” Featuring Oren Latz

Moran Ron Baron is a man of many talents; this multitalented artist is a phenomenally gifted trombonist, bassist, vocalist, and composer and prides himself on his multifaceted abilities as an artist and producer. He really doesn’t conform to any one genre, instead choosing to explore and dive deep into the boundless artistic ocean to see what comes of it. He has been honored to tour with several acclaimed artists such as Bobby Sanabria, Charlie Percip, Alex Scolnick, Billie Harper, Jason Linder, Tito Puente Jr., The Smalls Big Band, and many more. Moran Ron Baron is quickly making a name for himself in the music industry with his unique sound and versatile style winning him critical acclaim- he is swiftly gaining a following among fans of meticulously crafted music.

Linking up with his longtime friend and virtuosic sound engineer, Oren Latz, this inimitable duo delivered an authentic masterpiece dubbed, “Thin Ice.” I really admired that cover art as it is in a way like a visual window from which the whole track flows from!

Genre-defying, “Thin Ice” is a cocktail of delectable sounds all blended with keen attention to detail to fashion a timeless piece of music with roots in Moran Ron Baron’s quintessential prog rock and gratifying nuances of jazz to keep a listener heavily invested.

I loved how the electronic drums have been integrated and that extra percussion provided by the trombone is otherworldly. The epic-sounding blend of the guitar, synths and bass is quite something. Moran Ron Baron cooks up a fantastic melodious stunner managing to balance its moments of majestic grandeur and delicate introspection marvelously.

With its sweeping strings, jazz-induced brass elements and striking percussive bravado, this is one elegant piece of magic. The vocals follow cinematically and fit in with perfection in the colorful bed of support offered by the exquisitely produced and lovingly arranged instrumentation.

To any listener who appreciates a little improvisation to their sound, “Thin Ice” will feel like home as they play it on repeat to suck the living juice off of it!

The track has a complimentary high standard visually stunning video that features some eye-catching visual images with floating lyrics to keep your attention grounded throughout the track’s length!

To get a taste of this favorite contender track; follow the attached link, subscribe to Moran Ron Baron’s YouTube channel, like the release and share your thoughts under the comment section!

Follow Moran Ron Baron everywhere and be on the lookout as he will be dropping his prog rock album very soon!

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